Ways to Save: Help Compare Cell Phone Plans!

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My last post was on comparing the costs of moving a business from one state to another because of theDSCF3213(1) different regulations and tax structures. This advice carries over to our everyday living expenses for needs and wants, too! Especially the way the economy is today, it is such a vital necessity. It not only saves us money, it also keeps the businesses competitive by trying to offer the best value for your money. Remember, they need your business to stay in business.

With that said, there really is a lot out there to choose from and how are we to be sure we know which choice is the best? My comparison shopping project at the moment is comparing the  best cell phone plans. I want to save money…I want the best value. My Verizon cell phone contract ran out in December. Although I like the fact that I’m not obligated to Verizon at this time, I need a new phone. So, before I sign on the dotted line, I want to compare cell phone plans to be sure I’m not spending more than I have to.

My current cell phone plan has 700 minutes which was increased from 450 two years ago. I never used the full 450 but they increased my minutes anyway – it was their “minimum” that I could get.  I also worry about reception and the quality of the phone, itself.  I’m asking you, my loyal readers, if you have used Sprint or another cell phone plan service to please let me know your opinions before I sign on that dotted line, again! Help me save money and you’ll also be helping others save money, too!

I look forward to hearing from you!


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