Walgreens Refills Ink Cartridges

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Update 4/3/11: Walgreens has improved their ink refill service and it is worth it! At $12.99 for a black or color ink cartridge refill, you can’t lose if you use Walgreen’s service.  100% Quality Guarantee!

Great News!  No coupons necessary! 

Walgreens will refill your black ink cartridge for ($10) $12.99 and your color cartridge for ($15 ) $12.99. I was leery of this, but the manager assured me that they test the cartridges a few times. If a cartridge doesn’t pass the test, they return it to you – filled – and at no cost for that cartridge. 

Check their website for a local Walgreens that participates.  You’ll drop the cartridges off at the photo counter with the option of waiting or pick up later.  I dropped mine off at lunch time and they were ready later that afternoon after I did some shopping.

When you visit Walgreens’ website, enter your email address.  Click on the Photo tab where you’ll see the add and be able to locate local Walgreens that offer the service. Here is a link to Walgreen’s page where you can check if your printer model is included for the cartridges that they can refill.

On the Home Page, look for Your Local Walgreens where you can click on Coupons and the Weekly Ad links. I might use the coupons for Zantac…and Poppy swears that Garlique lowered his cholesterol. Walgreens even makes it easy for you to find rebates and ordering prescriptions online! 

Give it a try and save some money and time, too – that’s a very big savings!

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