Thanksgiving Pilgrim Cupcakes

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Thanksgiving Pilgrim Cupcakes

These homemade Thanksgiving Pilgrim Cupcakes are easy to make and take to your child’s Thanksgiving class party, scouts meeting, or have as special treats for the young ones on Thanksgiving. The cone is the hat, you just add the black band and yellow buckle to turn it into a Pilgrim Hat!

What you need:

  • cake mix and ingredients for baking
  • waffle ice-cream cones
  • icing
  • muffin tin
  • black paper
  • yellow paper

What to do:

  • Prepared a cake mix and fill ice-cream cones a little more than halfway with the batter
  • Stand the cones in muffin tins and bake them according to the cupcake directions on the box
  • Let cupcakes cool…

Pilgrim Hat Cone Decorations

What you need:

  • a quarter-inch-wide strip of black construction paper long enough to wrap around the wide part of each cone
  • yellow paper buckle

What to do:

  • Wrap the black strip of paper around each cone and glue the ends
  • Glue the buckle over the glued end to hide it.

When the Thanksgiving Pilgrim cupcakes have cooled…

  • turn them over, cupcake-side down, on a platter
  • tape the strips and buckles in place around the bottom edge of each cone
  • handed the cupcakes out, turn the cones over and frost them
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