New Years Resolution: Ways to Save Money in 2010

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I love New Years because it gives me a chance to begin again that which I haven’t accomplished during the past year. If you search the web, you’ll find lists for the top 10 New Years resolutions. Amazingly, every list of New Years resolutions is almost identical to the others.

The order of priority may be different for each one of us, but for many this year Get Out of Debt is most definitely at the top of our New Years Resolutions.¬† My husband is retired and I hope to retire in five years so my New Years resolution is to find ways to save money in 2010. If I keep my resolution, it’s doable. By taking a careful, honest look at my spending habits, I’m hopeful I can find ways to save money and pay down the mortgage ahead of schedule. By paying down the mortgage early, I will have saved even more money.

Here’s a list of more than 10 ways to save money in 2010:

  • Budgeting for the holidays – shop sales for gifts throughout the year and pay cash instead of on credit – the saying is if you pay with a credit card, you’re using tomorrow’s money which costs more than today’s money
  • Compare my auto insurance cost to other companies – I may be able to save a good amount of money, especially since the last of our children has moved out
  • Manage my time better to allow POP time (plan, organize, prepare):
    • prepare grocery shopping lists, organize coupons, include generic brands and basic foods (save money – prepared foods cost more for the convenience, no more impulse shopping, less driving to the store, etc.)
    • make my own lunches (save money by not buying school lunches and eat healthier)
    • plan dinner ahead of time (save money by not eating out as often and eat healthier – might even lose weight which could save medical expenses)
  • Paying cash for gasoline will save about 10 cents a gallon (always keep $20 in the car)
  • Plant trees to shade the air conditioning unit to reduce the electric bill during the summer months (it won’t run as often – in fact have an energy audit for the entire house)
  • Find other ways to save money by saving energy (and help the environment, too)
  • Schedule errands back-to-back
  • Change heating system filters each winter month to keep it running efficiently
  • Clean refrigerator coils (cuts 6 percent energy use)
  • Drive close to speed limit (I tend to leave late and drive faster – so I’ll leave earlier and drive slower…safer too)
  • Wash clothes in cold water when possible
  • Shop at consignment shops for toys and clothing (it’s possible to find new with tag items)
  • Plant a vegetable garden instead of buying from the market¬† (a fun, healthy family project)
  • Freeze leftovers to reuse at another time instead of throwing them away

Next New Years Eve, I’ll give a toast to congratulating myself on all the money I’ve saved in 2010!

If you have ways to save money you’d like to share with us, please tell us in the comment box below!

Happy Frugal New Year to you all!

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