Lift Winter Blahs – Redecorate with Little Expense

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We’ve had storms every week this winter keeping a lot of us indoors. Being indoors too much, not getting enough sunlight can cause seasonal depression. What I like to do after the holidays are over and there is much more free time is to make an attempt at redecorating with as little expense as possible. After the holidays, it’s very necessary to find ways to save money!

Interior decorators recommend several ways to lift your spirits by making minor decorating changes throughout your home to fight the winter blahs of interior design. Here are some ways you can redecorate and save money, too:

  1. Change throw pillows and throws from one room to another. If you buy new ones, look for end of season sales and coupons to be used on sale items to help you save money. (When deciding on colors, look for ones that could also be used in another room when you decide to redecorate.)
  2. Rearrange groupings of collections you have on your end tables, shelves, mantle, bureaus, etc. Make new groupings – you can’t go wrong, just about anything works. No need to spend money with this redecorating technique.
  3. While you are rearranging groupings, rearrange wall hangings. Make new ones by framing photos and making new wall groupings. The frames don’t have to match. Make photos even more interesting by printing them in sepia or black and white. Don’t forget children’s artwork for new inexpemsive wall hanging options. Look for sales on frames and photo printing specials.
  4. Artificial flowers are always uplifting for the spirit. These too, can be rearranged or purchased at end of seasons for little expense. Who says daisies or tulips can’t be on your table during winter months?
  5. What I do like to purchase new are window treatments to freshen up one or two rooms each season. Warmer colors in the cooler months and cooler colors in the warmer months. My living room window treatments allow the midday sun shine in to brighten the room while adding warmth.

The best window treatments don’t have to be expensive and buying them online allows me to shop for the best selections at the best prices without using up the expensive gas in my car. No need to wait for store sales or coupons or wait for a salesperson to get around to helping me! I’ve never had to wait for customer service online. Since I can hang them myself, why pay someone else to do it?

I save a lot with my DIY home deocrating approach…and I have fun doing it which lifts my winter blahs up and away!  Have a great day!

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