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Decorating with large area rugs can be an easy, economical way to give yourhome a new look without much effort. It’s been a while since I’ve posted about a website that helps you save money and also gives you quality products. I’ve found one that offers quality large area rugs along with matching assorted sizes, too. I know you’ll like as much as I do. Chandra Carona CAR-701 Rug

Area Rugs Add a New Look

Since the housing market isn’t moving, homeowners are finding ways to give their homes the feel of “new”.  My husband and I are among those who are doing so. We attempted to sell our house, but like so many others, we are forced to stay where we’ve lived for the past 23 years. Instead of putting money into a new home, we’re updating our current home…and in case we do move in a few years when things turn around, our home will be ready.

Decorating your home in the latest trends and colors helps to give your older house a newer feel when friends and family come to visit. We recently added recessed lighting to our kitchen and replaced the cabinet fronts along with changing the wall color…all in today’s style. The hand tufted, 100% wool area rug by Chandra shown above is one that would look great in front of our living room fireplace which is set against a deep red accent wall adjacent to tan walls.

Safe Online Ordering

I’ve hesitated ordering area rugs online but this website has the Better Business Bureau approval, free 10-day shipping guarantee, no hidden fees, no sales tax, and most importantly 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you visit you’ll find over 1000 area rugs to choose from with their easy search tool.  Visit them now…you’ll be happy you did.

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