Thanksgiving Table Decorations

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Simple table decorations can add a special holiday flare to your celebration. The following Thanksgiving holiday table decorations are inexpensive and easy to put together.

  • Trace Thanksgiving cookie cutters on thick paper and cut out. Punch a hole, add a string to each one then tie around the stem of wine glasses. Leave a pen next to the glasses for each guest to personalize their name tag. With this easy Thanksgiving decoration, they won’t lose their glass!
  • Flatten butter and cut out with the same cookie cutter or similar Thankstiving cookie cutter and place on your Thanksgiving table. Your guests will be impressed!
  • Do you have extra glass tumblers? Place votive candles in each one, surround the candles with unshelled nuts.
  • Or, fill wine or water glasses with water and add a floating candle to each.  Last Thanksgiving, I grouped several decorative clear glasses of varying heights and floated a single flower without the stem in each on top of colored water.
  • For a Thanksgiving centerpiece, use a white pumpkin filled with a bouquet of fall flowers and leaves or make one using assorted gourds and tapered candles.
  • Cover your Thanksgiving table with a plain white cloth, run a strip of decorative Thanksgiving or Fall fabric down the middle.
  • Have the children make woven placements using several fall colors or make leafy placemats out of construction paper and place between two sheets of Con-Tact paper. Trim the edges and you have Thanksgiving Day placemats. (Directions for the leafy placemats are found at the end of this post.)
  • Include a ”feather” folded napkin placed inside each water glass. Watch this Martha Stewart instructional video to learn how to make several different designs for your Thanksgiving table decorating:

Leafy Placemats:


  • Construction paper or felt in assorted colors
  • Fabric glue
  • Clear Con-Tact paper


  • Trace or draw a leaf onto paper and cut out to use as a pattern.
  • Trace leaf shape onto construction paper (you’ll need about 12 leaves).
  • Arrange into a rectangle so that the leaves overlap each other with open spaces between them.
  • Glue leaves together where they overlap; protect with Con-Tact paper or laminate.
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