Thanksgiving Crafts: Thanksgiving Tablecloth

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Here’s a special Thanksgiving craft that can become a tradition for any family and it fits within any budget, too! Together make your own special fancy tablecloth to dress up the Thanksgiving table.

Materials Needed:

  • Plain White Table Cloth
  • Fabric paints Suggested colors (red, orange, brown, gold, green etc.)
    Sponges: Cut into shapes of leaves, pumpkins, etc.
    Corn Cob or fall leaves for printing.


Step 1: Wash, Dry and Iron your tablecloth.

Step 2: Put your paints on styrofoam plates. Create a masterpiece by dipping your sponges into the different paints and pressing onto the tablecloth. OR try rolling the corn cob in the paint and rolling across your tablecloth. You can dip your fall leaves into the paint and then gently press them onto your cloth. Be creative!

Step 3. Using permanent markers, have each member of the family write what they are thankful for this year. Have them include the date.

Great Idea

Store your tablecloth in a safe place. Each year have the family include their “Thanks”

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