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Finally, warm sunny weather has arrived in New Jersey! Hopefully, it is being shared by the other states,GEDC1122 too! With good weather comes more shopping and traveling. A great way to save is searching for printable coupons before you shop or travel…or shop to travel…or shop while you’re traveling…I’m sure you get what I’m trying to say…use your Internet to shop for printable coupons before you spend no matter where you are! Hotels all have Internet access now.

I must admit, searching for online coupons is something I have to remind myself to do. It is certainly worth the time…spend a little time, save a lot of money.  We recently drove up to Cooperstown, NY to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. I did some research ahead of time and was able to save using our AAA discount plus, unfortunately but fortunately too, we qualified for a senior discount. We also were able to get great low rate on the hotel room since it was pre-season time.

The best deals I love are getting a discount on items that come with free shipping; they certainly get my attention. There are some things I shop for that I won’t buy online, unless the return policy is very understanding of my whims – such as buying shoes. I really need to try them on first. Or makeup if I haven’t used it before is something I won’t chance. Often times, though, I can find online coupons to print and take with me when I shop.

Then there is the category of items just too big to ship or services that need to come to you. Car rentals are something that you just can’t have shipped to you – maybe driven to you though. For savings car rental coupons are readily available online and when you call to inquire to reserve a car, just remember to tell them you have a discount coupon before they give you the quote.

I’ll be flying up to the Boston area in a few weeks for my niece’s baby shower. I’ve started my free coupon shopping online for the lowest air fare rates, hotel discounts, printable restaurant coupons, and the very important car rental coupons. My favorite is Enterprise Car Rental so I’ll be searching for Enterprise coupons to hopefully get a free upgrade. Since I’ll have my daughter and grandkids with me, I’ll definitely need the largest model…and with the money I save, I can go shopping in New Hampshire – no sales tax!

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