Save on Groceries with Planning and Grocery Coupons

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Who doesn’t like to get a good deal, to save money? Organizing your grocery list, clipping food coupons,groceries and comparing best deals all lead to being a wise, savvy shopper. Here are some great tips on how to save on those groceries…


  1. The most important tip is to plan your shopping list before you leave for the grocery store! Your impulsive buying is what the grocery stores hope for.  They place tempting items in strategic places throughout the store.  As I enter my grocery store, I see sweets, snacks, soda and that’s all at the door staring at me…calling my name. Bring your self-control to the grocery store – it’s a must!  To get to the milk and eggs, we must walk to the farthest corner of the store past the ice cream! It is so calculating…and that is why we must calculate what our mission is to be before we leave our safe home.
  2. Clip and print food coupons! Three musts for grocery coupon sources are the Sunday paper, store circulars, manufacturers’ and online grocery coupon websites that offer free printable grocery coupons and more. Online magazines also offer printable grocery coupons, too. (Here’s a good tip to follow…don’t use a coupon just because you save money. If you don’t use it or like it, it’s a waste. Also, compare prices of other similar products – you might save even more money.)
  3. Check your supplies as you make your grocery list – room by room, category by category similar to how the store is organized. (Supermarkets have floor plans or aisle lists to help you find what you are looking for – use this to plan your shopping list. It will save you time, too.)


  1. Focus on your mission.
  2. Look for unadvertised specials, more for your money sizes, peel off coupons, manager’s sale.
  3. Good deals aren’t always good deals – they just make them look so. The “good deals” may be ready to expire, or not so popular items. Read the labels carefully.
  4. Compare the pricing labels on the shelves for best value per unit.  Looks can be deceiving so by comparing the unit pricing labels, you can be sure to get more for your money.   Look for similar items on the top and bottom shelves – you might find better prices.  Vendors know we tend to take the items at eye level just because it’s easier and quicker.
  5. Buy in bulk only if you know you’ll use it up and you have the room!  If you don’t use it, it’s the same a throwing money away.
  6. Online shopping for groceries is worthwhile – it lets you plan carefully what you need for the week since you have to be specific in quantity and brand.  Free delivery for a month is possible for most new customers. If you have children and are short on time, this is a gift!
  7. Rain checks – don’t be shy to ask for them.  Check the expiration date and be sure to get back to the grocery store in time to use the rain check coupon.
  8. 10 for $10 – you don’t have to buy 10 – read the the fine print – the savings is usually “if you buy #” – you can save if you buy one or two, also.
  9. Store flyers are online – the sale week for grocery stores is usually Wednesday so they’ll discount the previous week’s goods – look at the perishables for these deals – sometimes labeled “Manager’s Sale”.
  10. Also, find out from your store manager when fresh foods are stocked.  New produce may be put out in the morning and meat in the afternoon.  (Here’s a produce tip – the older produce is placed on top of the new produce – for the freshest reach underneath.)
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