How to Save Money on Groceries With or Without Coupons

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A grandmother raising her young grandson heard I was looking for ways to save money and time for grandparents raising grandchildren. She sent me an email referring me to The Grocery Game’s website stating grandparents raising grandchildren would find it very helpful in saving them time and money shopping for groceries with or without coupons, so I checked it out and actually signed up, too…

What is The Grocery Game?

The Grocery Game is an online tool to help consumers save time and money shopping for groceries with or without coupons. The Grocery Game does the tracking of grocery sales and coupons for you. As a member, you receive a grocery list of sale items from each store you choose. You can choose the items you want to buy and then print the list which also shows the original price, the sale price, and the % of savings for each item. As stated on the website, “The Grocery Game does all the hard work and research, and presents it to you in a straightforward format.”

Try it out with a trial membership for 4 weeks for just $1. If you find you’ve saved enough money to make you happy, join for just $10 every 8 weeks for 1 store. If you find another store in the area you want to use, you’ll be billed for just an additional $5 for the 8 weeks.

If you want to cancel your trial membership, you must do so by the end of the 27th day. If you decide you have saved enough to warrant the fee of $10/8 weeks, your credit card will be automatically billed. On the 28th day at about 1 AM, your account will be activated into membership. They are kind, though, you will be reminded of your activation date each time you log in. You can certainly save more than $1.25 a week!

Continue reading to learn what Nana found when I joined for $1.

How does The Grocery Game save you Time and Money?

Grocery stores and manufacturers often offer coupons and sales in cycles. The Grocery Game staff has been tracking of grocery item sales by keeping a data base of past sales and coupons and also of current coupons and sales so you don’t have to. I tried to do that for a short time when my children were young. It was way too time consuming! This will definitely save you time and money! All you have to do is buy the local Sunday paper for the coupons.

How do you play The Grocery Game?

Each week, sign in to The Grocery Game and check through your grocery list, eliminate the items you don’t want, print your list, clip the coupons from the newspaper, pull out the manufaturer’s coupons from the ones you have filed away, and go shopping!

You can also win free weeks for every 3 referrals that join The Grocery Game.  And, if you submit a testimonial on how you used The Grocery Game to save money, they will reward you with more free weeks.

Nana Signed Up for The Grocery Game!

I joined The Grocery Game with a free 4 week trial membership for $1. The credit card registration is VeriSignsecure. After signing in with my email and password, I did see a reminder of the last day I had to cancel before being charged the $10/8 weeks.

Based on my zip code, I was given a choice of a few supermarkets plus a few stores that carry groceries such as Walgreens and CVS. My supermarket (ACME) was not listed, so I opted for another one (A&P). A list of store and manufacturer’s sale items was shown. I eliminatedthe ones I wouldn’t buy, and was left with a list of 15 items on sale not needing coupons and 6 items needing coupons.

I don’t have the newspaper nor the coupons. Without the coupons, I won’t buy those items. But the advantage for me is that, since I don’t buy the Sunday paper (save a tree) – I can still learn about A&P’s weekly sales.  The only paper I have wasted are the 2 list pages. It actually came out to be 3 pages, so next time I’ll tell the printer to print pages 1 and 2 only.

Also on the website, there are printable coupons. I found 6 coupons for items I usually buy. I’ve found that coupons entice you to buy items that you normally wouldn’t so in the long run, you might be spending more than you had planned for when you entered the store!

After I shop for the food, I’ll take time to compare sale prices to my Grocery Game list and record them to track the site’s accuracy and my savings over the 4 weeks of my trial membership. Before the 27th day, I’ll decide if I want to continue with my membership. 

Nana’s Savings if I use The Grocery Game this week without the coupons…

If my list is accurate, excluding the Perdue Fresh Boneless Chicken Breast, USDA Choice BonelessTop Round London Broil, and the Master Choice Center Cut Bone-In Pork Chops all on sale at 50% off, I would spend $20.37 for the other 12 items with a savings of $21.89.  If I purchase 3 pounds of each meat item for a total of $19.20, I would also save an additional 19.20. 

Bottom Line:

  • Spent: $39.57
  • Saved: $41.09 (without coupons)

This brings a smile to my face…Poppy’s too! Happy shopping with The Grocery Game!

If you know of a website or way to save money and time, with or without coupons or free, please email me: [email protected]!

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