Last Minute Homemade Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is approaching quickly and you still don’t have your children’s, grandchildren’s, or your Halloween costume? If you purchase costumes from a Halloween store online or near your home, they can be very expensive! Putting together a homemade Halloween costume from things you have around the house can be a lesson in creativity and fun, too, for both you and your children or grandchildren.

Here are a few homemade Halloween costume ideas that might help you…


What you need:

  • flannel shirt
  • old jeans or overalls
  • floppy straw hat or baseball cap
  • stuffed bird(s)
  • boots, old shoes or sneakers
  • Halloween makeup
  • scraps of fabric for patches
  • work gloves for hands
  • glue, strong thread, needle
  • straw (we used to get free hay from a feed supply if we swept the loose pieces up ourselves and carry it away in a garbage bag) or you can purchase a scarecrow straw kit
  • newspaper
  • old pillow case for Trick or Treat bag

What to do:

  • stuff the shirt with newspaper and have pieces of straw sticking out from openings
  • glue pieces under the hat so it appears it is coming out of child’s head
  • glue birds onto outside of hat
  • attach bird to shoulder of shirt
  • sew patches in various spots on jeans and shirt (optional)
  • with makeup, draw “scarecrow” face on child’s face
  • suggest to your child or grandchild to walk “floppy” since he or she is made out of straw

Old Fashioned Grandma

What you need:

  • apron
  • dress
  • large bra
  • belt or tie sash
  • stuffing
  • white powder
  • makeup
  • clunky tie shoes or old slippers
  • baggy stockings or tights
  • cane
  • fake eye glasses
  • beaded necklaces
  • paper plate with cookies glued on
  • big handbag (can use for Trick or Treat bag)

What to do:

  • put on dress then stuff bra
  • use belt or tie to hold dress up to prevent tripping (or shorten)
  • place apron over dress
  • wear baggy stockings and clunky tie shoes or old slippers
  • put powder in hair for aging
  • place lots of rouge on cheeks
  • add eye glasses, beads, cane, and handbag
  • carry a paper plate with Grandma’s cookies
  • talk like an old grandma


NOTE:  Have an older and younger child? Have the younger child be the grandma and the older child be the grandchild and have each role play their part.

What you need:

  • Childlike pajamas and slippers
  • large baby bottle (Halloween costume shop)
  • little child hair style
  • stuffed animal

What to do:

  • See note above
  • Don’t forget to hold Grandma’s hand!

Bobby Soxer

What you need:

  • blue jeans with wide rolled up cuffs
  • roll down thick socks
  • saddle shoes (found some at Halloween costume store) or canvas sneakers
  • a thin knit sweater and neck scarf
  • shiny short jacket or cardigan sweater
  • or a long sweater and wide belt
  • headband or ponytail scarf
  • makeup
  • cats eye glasses (Halloween costume store)

What to do:

  • dress up in the outfit
  • dance the Jitter Bug
  • chew gum (optional)
  • wear some makeup

Movie Star or Starlet

What you need:

  • sun glasses
  • any outfit that imitates a favorite star
  • toy dog
  • stylish bag
  • large glittery jewelry
  • tee shirt, jacket and jeans
  • shoes of choice
  • makeup

What to do:

  • Act the part!
  • NOTE:  If you have a boy and a girl, they can walk around as a “couple”

Paparazzi / Reporter

  • Any type of clothing
  • camera
  • camera shoulder bag
  • note pad

What to do:

  • Follow the movie star(s)
  • take pictures
  • ask questions
  • NOTE:  If you have 3 or more children together, one or two can be the movie star, a few can be the paparazzi competing for a photo, and a couple can be reporters or gossip columnists out to get a story on the stars.  They can dress anyway they think their character would be dressed.

Most of all, have fun on Halloween!  Happy Halloween from all of us here at Nana’s Corner.

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