5 Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

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The following homemade Halloween costumes are very easy to put together and will bring laughs from all those that you meet on Halloween!

Chest of Drawers

What you need:

  • Safety pin a pair of Boxer shorts to your on your chest.
  • Safety pin another pair on the back of your shirt.
  • Pin a random sock here and underwear there.

And what are you? You’re a chest of drawers.

Person Stuck in Rain

What you need:

  • a rain coat
  • rain boots

Put on the out fit if you can put lots of gel in your hair or hair spray and make your hair look really wet.
If you can put mascara or eyeliner on and smear it and make it look as if you were in the rain.

Gum Under a Shoe

What you need:

  • pink clothing
  • pink hat
  • shoe

Wear the pink clothing and on the top of the hat, glue a shoe. 

Ceiling Fan

  • Get a blank, white foam finger and in any color, write “Ceiling #1″.
  • Obtain a hat and write “GO CEILING”
  • Get some face and write “#1″ on your cheeks.
  • Last, get a T-shirt that says “Ceiling” in all caps and looks much like what a sport fanatic or athlete would wear.

And there you have it! Dress yourself up with the foam finger, face paint, hat, and “jersey”, and you’re a Ceiling Fan!

Weather Report

Wear a light blue turtleneck with cotton balls glued all over it and carry a spray bottle of water. When anyone asked what you are, spray them and say “partly cloudy with a chance of showers.”

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