20 Simple Homemade Halloween Costumes

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50's Girl

50's Girl

It is past nine o’clock, the grandchildren are on their way home…probably sound asleep. Halloween is over for children who live on the East Coast of the USA. Trick or Treaters came early. The weather was pleasant, not too warm for those heavy costumes and not too cold for the costumes requiring less clothing. Kids stay warm running from house to house to get their next treat…before it is time to go home and the thrill of it is over until next year.

I am a high school teacher and am amazed at some of the creative homemade Halloween costumes the students parade throughout the day. I’m told that the younger children don’t dress up, it’s the teens that do. Everyone likes a chance to be a little kid again.

Here are some of the homemade Halloween costumes that I observed today in school and at our front door.

Guys dressed as…

  1. The Joker: his mom made him a coat and vest such as Joker’s, he wore a blue shirt and a patterned tie, baggy pants, and purple gloves. His face was decorated as that of The Joker’s with his hair worn combed back.
  2. a girl: wig, denim skirt, girl’s top and short jacket, heels, and makeup. He was actually very pretty!
  3. half alive and half dead: with his right side in a clean pressed suit and his left side in a dirty, torn suit with that same side of his face and hair ashen looking…as if he were a zombie on one side and alive on the other.
  4. an accident victim: t-shirt and torn jeans with fake blood splattered on his clothes, arms, face, and hair.
  5. a box upside: wear box upside down with openings for eyes. It was difficult for him to sit and do his work so he had to take it off during class.
  6. our Dean of Discipline: he kept in character all day. It was fun for all.
  7. an action figure: with self-made headpiece and shield. In fact, there were many action figures negotiating the halls.
  8. a female private school student: short plaid pleated skirt, white shirt tied at waist, tie loosened at neck with a few buttons left undone and under padding, knee socks and flats.
  9. a robot: He wore sandwich style two foil cookie sheets decorated with stickers and blinking reflectors and a helmet made of foil with reflectors.
  10. Kiss (musician): White and black makeup, T-shirt, and jeans


Gals dressed as…

  1. dead cheerleader: cheerleader outfit with torn stockings, fake blood, messed up hair, and white makeup.
  2. a box of munchkins: the bottom of a large munchkins box was cut out, the front flap had Styrofoam balls glued on with each decorated to look like a variety pack of munchkins. She even wore some on her head.
  3. a doctor and nurse with fake blood splattered on them: one carried a fake saw and the other carried a fake head.
  4. a pretty butterfly: with wings made of wire and stockings covered in colored glitter and glitter makeup on her cheeks. She wore a ballet leotard and tights with her wings.
  5. a waitress: carrying a fake head on a tray.
  6. a domino: made from cardboard painted solid black with white circles.
  7. a she devil: red dress, red shoes, and red horns with bright red lipstick and dark eye makeup.
  8. Hannah Montana: white knit pants, long white top, wide belt, gold jacket, boots (she had long blond hair).
  9. Sarah Palin: suit, glasses, hair pulled up carrying a McCain/Palin sign…walking around shaking everyone’s hand…and very into character.
  10. Tooth Fairy: wings made out of wire, fluffy trim, glitter, wearing a halo and white clothing…carrying a large tooth and large fake money.

Nana Finds…

Be creative and original. Find a way to make the costume unique, stand out from the others, and you’re sure to be a winner!

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