Christmas Gifts: Bargain Gift Ideas

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dollar store gift basketBargains Can Make Great Gifts

Summer is a great time to find bargains galore. When it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts on a very tight budget, it pays to look at the store ads online. When you see something that’s really cheap in cost, make a list of the item, cost, quantity allowed, store, how many you want, and who you are buying the gifts for.

This week I saw the Staples’ ad online. They always have great buys, especially when it’s time for Back to School. I made a list for myself on what I wanted to get for my Back to School supplies. When I went into the store, I saw some things that would make great Christmas stocking stuffers for almost everyone on my list.

Think of a Theme – Memory

As I wrote my list from the weekly ad, a gift basket theme starting evolving. As you read about the inexpensive gift items, you might also see the theme of “Memory” to help those who are forgetful. We can all use practical gifts that will make our life easier. Remember, if you put a bunch of small bargains together in a pretty basket decorated with ribbon and a cloth napkin liner, they can come toether as a very nice and useable gift.

1. Staples Portable Stickies Notes – come in an attractive holder to carry with you without the papers getting messy or to place on a desk or table for easy, quick notes. They come in plain for the guys and pretty prints for the gals.  This week they’re only $1.00 each instead of the regular $2.00.

2. Portable Flash Drive – you can usually find these on sale at really good bargain prices. The one at Staples is $5.99 for a savings of $12.00! Save family photos and favorite tunes for easily transport in a pocket or purse.

3. A fun gift for playing school, practicing writing or math computation is a personal size dry erase board. It can also be a practical gift for leaving family messages or personal reminders. The one on sale for $3.00 at Staples has a calendar on the other side. The savings here would be $3.99.

4. Dry erase crayons and markers are also on sale this week. What child wouldn’t love to have markers and something they can write on over and over. This type of gift is also environmentally friendly. You could find each on sale for $3.00 giving you a savings of $2 for each that you might buy.

5. A pencil box to keep the markers, pencils, pens, erasers, etc. in one place is such a help when it comes to having to find one of those in a hurry. When I went in to the store, they had some for $1.00. I actually bought one last year for myself and it is still in good condition.

More Bargain Gift Ideas

There are other fun items for sale, too, in the store that are not in the weekly ad circular that could be added. But as is, you could put together a nice gift for about $15.00.  I had an Aunt who started shopping for Christmas the week after for the next Christmas. Whenever she saw some great bargain, she bought it and decided who would get it later – such as

  • Bavarian pretzels dipped in chocolate with holiday sprinkles
  • a curling iron and hair spray,
  • a book and bookmark,
  • placemats,
  • set of glasses,
  • unusual salt and pepper shakers from consignment shop
  • candy dish with candy,
  • cozy socks and lavendar scented lotion,
  • pretty hair accessories,
  • sparkly bracelet,
  • wallet
  • garden gloves and tea rose plant
  •  basket with several different indoor green plants

Whatever you do decide on buying as bargain gifts, be sure it is something the recipient can use and enjoy. It will be appreciated no matter how small the cost.

$5 Gift Cards Go Far

Today with $5, a gift card can be purchased. If you buy one or two a month for the mall or Dunkin Donuts, etc. you’d have a nice accumulation to distribute for gifts when needed at Christmas time.

The BEST GIFTS are from the heart.

Give your time and talents: babysit, cook a meal, clean a home, do art work, provide transportation…there are so many possibilities. Create a Gift Card promising your gift from the heart.

Share bargain gift ideas here to help others plan for their gift giving.

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