Cheap Fun: Learn a Poker Card Game

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When times are hard and money is scarce for extras, especially higher cost cable or internet, movies, or day trips, learn to play pokerfinding new interests can be uplifting for the spirit. It a a great time to find ways to have cheap fun by learning something new for self-improvement or just for pleasure.

Staying home can get very boring with nothing new to keep your mind off your troubles. Nana recommends that you get out and visit your local library or bookstore. Libraries and bookstores are actually a great source for cheap fun because you are free to browse through the many books they offer for sale. They even provide comfortable chairs in the various departments so that the seekers of new knowledge, the curious, or just lovers of literature of all kinds, can take the time to enjoy the many books without having to purchase or leaving the premises.

Learn Something Fun – Learn Poker

Before going out in search of a new interest, make a list of new fun things you’d like to know how to do. Learning doesn’t have to be tedious or boring if you find the right topic, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Why not start with learning a poker card game that you could play with friends you enjoy inviting over. Take turns playing in each other’s homes for a sense of variety. Everyone could share in bringing an inexpensive snack, pot luck dinner contribution, or best yet – a favorite dessert.

A favorite poker card game over the past several years am is Texas Holdem. You don’t have to play for money. You could use individual pieces of wrapped candy bought at the dollar store so the winnings can be fun, too. Look for holiday candy clearance sales for even better bargains. Really get into it by dressing the part as a Texas dudes and dudettes!

If your friends or family members don’t know how to play Texas Hold em, make a list of the rules and tips so you can all learn together. It can make for an amusing time if you all learn how to play games the way my family does!

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