Save on Textbooks: Rent Your Textbooks

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Rent your college textbooks. Highlighting and margin notes allowed.  Use the textbooks as you would if you owned them, then return them. Rentals are usually for the average semester. Even though you have to pay the rental fees, you will still save money since the final rental cost is less than the purchase cost.

Enter code CRAMSESSION to receive 5% off rentals from

You’ll find many of your classmates renting their textbooks this year. But, if you’d rather buy a new textbook and then sell it back, you have that option at, too. It’s best to contact their customer service department to find what percentage they use to pay you for your used textbook and compare the net cost to the cost of renting the same textbook.

A math teacher friend of mine brought up the subject of textbook rentals at lunch one day last May. She recommended it as a helpful way of decreasing the cost of college since college textbooks are very expensive. Since renters are allowed to mark up the textbooks as if they were their own, she felt students can save money that could be used for other college expenses.

When you compare the costs, be sure to allow for the 5% off rental discount, too!

Textbooks - Rent'em or Buy'em

As soon as you get your syllabus and list of textbooks, look online for the best rental or purchase prices.

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