Fun Christmas Pajamas Tradition for Your Family

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When our children were young, we all slept in special Christmas pajamas. Our Christmas morning photos were great not only because we were together and having fun, but because we were all dressed in matching Christmas pajamas. It makes for great Christmas pajama photo keepsakes!

On Christmas Eve, we’ve always given our children, and now our grandchildren too, a present to open. As many parents have found discovered, it helps the children settle down somewhat for bed…so that Santa may begin taking care of his duties.

A new tradition our family started a couple of years ago is for each of us to pick a famiy member’s name to buy a Christmas Eve present. We set three rules: 1) a price limit 2) the present must be Christmas pajamas 3) they must be worn on Christmas morning for the pictures. This could be quite humorous if you think about the possibilities!

Pink Christmas Tree Holiday Pajamas for Toddler Girls

Green Christmas Bear Animal Slippers for Toddlers

More Family Christmas Pajamas

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