Romantic Ski Destinations

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It’s winter…it’s February…and we in the East are having snow on top of snow storms. It’s time to get on the slopes! In a few days the 2010 Winter Games will begin in Vancouver, British Columbia and then it will be Valentine’s day. Romance will be in the air and skiers will be eager to get to the mountains in North America for romantic ski holidays. lastsnowpic

Romantic ski holidays can be a wonderful way to save the romance in your relationship if you plan ahead. Be sure to book accommodations where there is a concierge to help you plan the perfect ski vacation so everything will go smoothly. Agree with your special someone what level of skiing you will do together, a level that you can both safely maneuver. It isn’t romantic skiing solo. Look for fireplaces, intimate dining, exciting nightlife, and activities that you’ll both enjoy – perhaps couples massages, walk to shopping village, and sleigh rides. Ask for a bottle of your favorite wine and a few rose petals upon arrival to add that extra special touch that speaks, “I love you!”

Where are some of the romantic ski destinations to help save the romance?

British Columbia is truly a romantic ski destination where lovers enjoy scenic views and every winter activity when visiting some of the best ski resorts in North America. With the 2010 Winter Games events in Vancouver, there will be top accommodations and plenty to enjoy.

Quebec is another romantic destination for a romantic ski holiday where you’ll find in addition to the great views and skiing, accommodations offering warm cozy fireplaces, elegant or casual intimate candlelight dining, horse-drawn sleigh rides, festivals and carnivals.

Killington, VT, offers wonderful skiing and snowmobiling with Vermont-style hospitality at quaint inns, lodges, bistros and nightclubs against the romantic backdrop of Vermont’s spectacular mountain.

Sun Valley, Idaho, is a romantic ski destination for couples who wish to learn to ski together on gentle, treeless and sunny slopes of Dollar Mountain, the “finest teaching mountain in the world.”

Beckenridge, Colorado, is an romantic inviting ski getaway known for its historic heritage and state-of-the-art facilities to accommodate skiers who come to enjoy nature’s beauty by day and the entertaining activities by night.

Mammoth Lakes, California, caught my eye for the romantic sleigh rides, hot air ballooning, and Eastern Sierra views.

You don’t need Valentine’s Day as a reason for a romantic ski holiday, you can enjoy a romantic getaway anytime…all you need is snow and a special someone to enjoy it with.

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