Gifts for Kids | Toy Cars, Trucks, and Tractors

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It is amazing how little girls prefer to play with dolls and little boys choose to play with toy cars, trucks…and tractors, too. Our grandson, Luke, is now 18 months old. He was born into a household literally had wall to wall girl toys. Luke wasn’t kept from playing with his sisters’ toys, except for the small ones, but he chose to play with the toy cars, trucks, and tractors given to him by adoring family members. Playing with cars and trucks was Luke’s choice…he wasn’t influenced by his dad or uncles as you might think would be the casse. But now that I think about it, he may have been indirectly influenced by hearing “No!” every time he picked up a toy the girls didn’t want him to play with and not hearing “No!” when he picked up a toy car, truck, or tractor…what do you think?


Klutz Clothespin Cars

Price: 10.31

Wooden Race Cars by Melissa & Doug

Price: 15.92

Fast Car Race Cars Craft Kit by Creativity for Kids

Price: 12.71

My Crafty Cars by Alex Toys

Price: 15.99

Mini Golf Racing Cars by Edushape

Price: 15.91

Thomas the Tank Aquarium Cars

Price: 17.51

Wow Toys Special Edition Sports Cars

Price: 13.51

Thomas the Tank Zoo Cars

Price: 17.51

Thomas the Tank Salt & Dock Cars

Price: 22.31

Thomas the Tank Dairy Cars

Price: 17.51

R/C Bumper Cars By Kid Galaxy

Price: 34.31

Thomas the Tank Sodor Chicken Cars

Price: 17.51

Drift Cars Street Team Kit by Creativity for Kids

Price: 19.91

Little Labs Cars Science Kit by Thames & Kosmos

Price: 16.89

Automoblox Mini Mix & Match Wooden Toy Cars by Manhattan Toy

Price: 29.89

R/C Demolition Derby Cars by Kid Galaxy

Price: 35.11

Darda NASCAR Ultra Speed Cars Twin Pack

Price: 17.51

Little Tuffies Trucks by International Playthings

Price: 11.11

Do A Dot Art Mighty Trucks Activity Book

Price: 3.91

Wood Big Rig Trucks by Melissa & Doug

Price: 19.92

Magna Tile 27 piece Working Trucks

Price: 39.91

Wildkin Olive Kids Trains, Planes & Trucks Lunch Bag

Price: 12.71

Wildkin Olive Kids Trains, Planes & Trucks Backpack

Price: 23.11

Thomas the Tank Giggle Trouble Trucks

Price: 16.71

Super Chubbies 10″ Tractor Truck by Viking Toys

Price: 14.31

Fun Time Tractor Vehicle by International Playthings

Price: 26.19

Tractor with Hay Trailer by Playmobil

Price: 34.99

CAT Caterpillar Tractor by Kettler

Price: 198.89

Farm Tractor by Playmobil

Price: 14.99

Bruder Tractor with Frontloader

Price: 30.31

Bruder Caterpillar Tractor

Price: 20.71

Activity Tractor with Horse Trailer by Small World Toys

Price: 25.51

Farm Tractor w/Veggie Trailer by Small World Toys

Price: 19.91
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  1. mina jones

    I would like to know who can help me make christmas something special for my five grandchildren. I lost my job in august 2010 and i am unable to get them anything this year. Could you please send my email around and help me to find help? I would greatly appreciate it so much!!

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