How to Do a Car Rental Without a Credit Card

rent a car using a debit cardHelpful information and tips on how to do a car rental without a credit card, with little or no credit and a debit card.

Planning on a family road trip for a vacation, to visit friends or family…or move to a more affordable area? (These days, with this economy, I think we all need to do that!)

But, you have a couple of obstacles.

  • no credit card
  • no car (or a car you don’t trust to take you where you want to go)

Car Rental without a Credit Card

Having a car would help you make your plans possible, but how to get one to take you from here to there? You don’t own a credit card which is, more often than not, needed to rent a car.

You can reserve a car rental without a credit card, but you’ll need one when you show up at the rental company. If you don’t, then you’ll be considered as a credit risk and end up leaving without a car.

Car rental companies want you to present a credit card to cover the cost of the rental and as one form of identity documentation.┬áThe credit card is also a form of protection for the company to cover additional expenses that might be accrued such as damages beyond the minor normal wear and tear caused by careless care of the car’s interior or exterior. And, as in many cases, to put gas in the tank for the next customer if the car is returned with less gas than was provided when the car left the lot. Stopping at a gas station to replenish the gas supply is a must to do before the car is returned!

Car Rental with a Debit Card

Some car rental companies may let you rent a car with a debit card, but it won’t be quick or easy.

To prepare for this article to help you, I did some research on my own. My advice is: Do your own research after reading this. Call each car rental agency and ask what their policies are. They vary by company and even then by locality. Learn more…

car rental Without a credit cardSo…you have a debit card with a major credit card company logo (i.e., MasterCard or Visa) with plenty of cash in your checking account to cover your car rental, gas, tolls, food, and lodging along the way.
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