Bookmark and Share Web Buttons

This post is for grandparent bloggers, mommy bloggers, and daddy bloggers…any bloggers or website owners who want to increase traffic to their blogs. If you’re like me, you want to increase traffic to your blog or website to help your page rank on Google…and most importantly, you want to share your thoughts, tips, your creativity, or sell your services or products. You also want your visitors to share your content with others, too. That’s why we blog!

Bookmark and Share

Can you guess how many social networking bookmark and share web buttons there are? I estimate about 240, far too many to place on your blog or website to be sure! Some plug-ins allow you to choose which free web buttons you want to display, but you can’t always be sure you have the right ones for your visitors to choose from.

Bookmark Buttons

Now, there is a single social bookmarking web button that can be displayed on your blog to replace the many individual bookmark buttons. It’s called Pluzit and can be found on When you click the button, you’ll see every bookmarking and sharing button. You choose where you want to share the blog, website, or the content post itself. There are additional benefits, too. Pluzit tracks how your readers bookmark and share your blog, website, or content which is something, as far as I know, the other social networking buttons don’t.

If you look to the right, under the RSS feed button, you’ll see my Pluzit button. Since I placed it in the sidebar, my blog URL will be bookmarked and shared. If I entered the code in the post template, it would bookmark and share the post in which it is clicked. To compare, look at the bottom of this post. I used a WordPress plug-in and chose about a dozen networking buttons. There were others I wanted to choose from, but I wanted not more than one line of buttons displayed. One button is much neater.

Customize Your Bookmark and Share Web Button

On the website, you’ll find a videotour that makes it very easy to understand how to install the code. The button is customizable where your brand and/or logo can be added, or you can also design your own style by changing colors, etc.

Oh, I forgot to mention this…Pluzit is free.  Please do me a favor…click my Pluzit button so I can track traffic to my site. Thanks!

Relocating Your Internet Business?

DSCF0151With the economy in such a bad state here in NJ and our new Governor eliminating all funding from the district where I teach, growing NanasCorner into an Internet-based business looks very tempting. Having an Internet-based business does have its advantages:  very low overhead, at least mine would – I can do it from home, no more commuting stress and expense (my small raise last year was wiped out by the increase in gas as it was for many other commuters), and I could make my own schedule – time for exercising, volunteering, etc. It also means I could move to any town in any state that I chose but I’d want to be near my children and grandchildren. But, unfortunately they don’t all agree on where they’d like to live.  After this terrible snowy winter, some have been dreaming of moving to the warm coast of California, yet others want to move  to even a colder weather climate such as upstsate New York where they can enjoy more winter activities. (I think the Olympics distorted their thinking!)

Our son, who has a successful Internet-based business, is torn between both climates. Why consider California? His sister-in-law moved out there six months ago and is loving it. Erik and his wife visited her for Thanksgiving and fell in love with southern California life.  But, then again, they like the winter activities too, so New York would provide opportunities to enjoy the winter, spend time at the shore, and be close to their friends.  Since he does have an Internet-based business, it would be very important for him to check out the cost of running a business in each state, such as the cost of business insurance in California compared to business insurance in New York, income tax rates in each state, etc.

For comparisons, I suggested he first look into each state’s business insurance policy and other regulations and compare them to New Jersey’s. He can start with to start. The website is run by the Small Business Administration. I didn’t know this until I looked into it, there is actually Internet business insurance!  Before any of us decide if we want to move, there is a lot to research…especially if you have your own business…