Ways to Earn Money From Home Using Online Resources

Where there’s a will there’s a way is an old saying that I believe in…it’s just getting off your….you know…and making an attempt. This goes for me, too! There are many things I could do to improve things, but I just put it off until tomorrow. Here’s another one, Today is the tomorrow you waited for yesterday…so what have you done differently today, now that tomorrow is here? These thoughts can be applied to relationships, careers, health, and surviving during hard times.

I hear from many of my visitors that they are finding it difficult in living from check to check and providing for their children, especially now that the holidays are fast approaching. The information I’m about to share with you may be too late for this Christmas, but if you start now you might be in someway better off when it comes around again.

1. This past year a divorced Teaneck mother was one of the many about to have her mortgage enter foreclosure. In desperation, the woman began making “Mortgage Apple Cakes” and sold them from her home. Word spread, a hotel offered her space in their kitchen, sales grew. Her goal was to sell 100 cakes to cover the first of 3 payments she needed to save her home…she sold 500!  She was able to cover her mortgage payments and keep their home. Her Mortgage Apple Cake is now a business with online sales.  A Texas family is also selling Mortgage Apple Spice Cakes to save their home through online sales.  Do you bake? Is there an approved kitchen for you to use, say in a church, where you can bake a recipe to supplement your income by selling it? Think about what you would bake, where you would bake it (health laws), and how you would market it…first word of mouth, flea markets, craft sales, holiday bazaars…and later online.

2. Do you have a craft you enjoy? Do you make jewelry, knit, sew, refinish things, or something else? Again, you could start out selling at holiday bazaars this month and next. See what sells. Last year, my daughter bought key chains made from beads for the teachers. The price was reasonable and they probably didn’t take long to make. They were a popular item at the bazaar. There are websites where you can sell your handmade items:

  • Etsy (etsy.com) – create your online store. There is a very small fee to list an item. For each item that sells, you pay a small commission to Etsy.
  • Jewelry Wonder (jewelrywonder.com) – requires you have a minimum of 30 itmes to open a free online store. No fees!
  • ArtFire (artfire.com) – for the beginner, you can set up a basic free account with no limit to how many items you list with 4 photos each. No fees!

3.  Do you have skills such as designing stationery, business cards, planning itineraries, organizing events, writing ads, or other talents? How about photography? Do you have a unique approach on something? Visit Fiverr.com to find out more.

4.  Are you an out of work experienced nurse? You may be able to work from home answering calls for doctors’ offices during after hours. The pay is good and the location is very convenient! No babysitters needed. Go to Fonemed.com for more information.

5. How are your writing skills? If you have a blog with a page rank of 2 or higher, you may be able to write articles online with links to other websites (link building) through companies such as SponsoredReviews (sponsoredreviews.com) with no experience required. Other sites hire experienced freelance writers, editors and others to write for informational websites. About.com highers directly through a lengthy application and experience is preferred.

6. If you like tutoring students, you can do so online! Check out Tutor.com. The more time you have, the more you can make.

7. Do you have an area of interest that you know a lot about or years of training that could be of interest to others? JustAnswer.com pays if your answer is accepted. Read about how they work on their website.

8. Have you ever called a company and upon speaking to a customer service representative, wonder where they are located? Well, they could be sitting in the pajamas and slippers watching Oprah when you call…they work from home.  Check out Alpine Access (alpineaccess.com), Working Solutions (workingsolutions.com), and LiveOps (liveops.com) if you have a good phone presence. You’ll learn about their hiring requirements on their websites for hiring people to work online or through their company at home.

Remember, you have to be in it to win it. If these ideas aren’t right for you, get creative in your thinking – ask others what you’re good at – and try to find a way that you can turn it into an income to supplement your current status. You’re not limited to the sites and ideas you found here for working online. “Google” some words that come to mind and see what shows up on the first page. Patience is needed. It probably won’t happen overnight, but it won’t happen at all if you don’t try…

Now, I guess I have to follow my own advice, and since I have 7 – or is it 8 – blogs I’m building to increase my income, that leaves my issue with the treadmill….

Blogging | How You Can Earn Money from Home

Are you better off than you were last year? Probably not.  Have you been looking for a second job but find part-time jobs are difficult to find? Or, perhaps you don’t know how you can manage it because you have children to care for, your health is an issue, or transportation is not available. There are ways you can supplement your income from home, thanks to the Internet.

How I Got Started Blogging

Three years ago, my son who was working as in Internet Marketing at the time, said to me, “Mom, you’ve used computers and the Internet for years, you like writing, and you like being a grandmother. Why not combine the these interests and start a blog about being a grandmother or whatever you like? You can eventually make extra money from google ads on your site and affiliate marketing. Public relations companies will probably ask you to review products and send you free samples. You might even get a bottle of wine!”  That got my attention.

My Income from Blogging

Well, needless to say, here I am with four active blogs and others in the development stages. My first one, NanasCorner.com will celebrate its three-year anniversary at the end of this month! And, he’s right. I receive a small monthly income that has doubled last year’s income which had doubled the first year’s income. My son reminds me that by the time I retire in five years, I could have a nice income to supplement my pension. In any case, it will be more income than if I had not started blogging.

Additional Perks – New Friends, Free Products, and an Award

If I didn’t enjoy blogging, I wouldn’t be doing it now for three years. Along the way I’ve met interesting people from around the world and have formed friendships with some. Another perk of blogging is receiving requests to review cool products. I’ve received products for review such as a digital camera, popular brand exercise shoes, children’s books, self-help books, novels, toys, Wii game, CDs, fun learning DVDs, cool lunch bag and accessories, pens and retractable pencils, water-powered alarm clock, exercise equipment and videos, food samples, and just recently…yes, a bottle of imported Italian wine!  The nicest thing that has happened in my blogging career so far, is receiving an award from Grand Magazine in September of this year naming NanasCorner.com as one of the Top 12 Grandparent Blogs! I guess I can say I have finally evolved as a blogger!

How You Can Start Blogging

If you have access to a computer several times a week and have something interesting to say you will grow your readership. As your readership grows, income from posted Google ads will increase too. If a vendor likes your site, he may become a sponsor which means he will pay you directly to display his ad.

I started blogging on a free blog host site, Blogger.com, then moved to wordpress.com. They both provide you with free blog templates that are easy for a beginner blogger to use. Now my sites are hosted on Dreamhost.com and have my own urls which I purchased through Dreamhost for about $10 each. The cost of hosting is minimal, too.

Add Google Adsense to Your Blog for Income

Once I had content on my blog and my own urls, I added Google Adsense. The ads that display are driven by keywords the advertisers pay for. If they match keywords in your posts, the ads will display on your post or homepage, depending where you place them. Some keywords pay more than others. If you can determine which ones they are, you can really make money! One day, I checked my Adsense for the day. One of my ads would have paid $1,800 if it had 1,000 views for that one day! Instead, it earned me $1.80.  It felt like I had lost the lottery by just one number.  But, there are more than one ad on my sites. They all add up.

Building Traffic, Earn More

At one time, I was excited to make $4 a day. Now I average six times that. If you begin blogging, remember it takes time. Your goal should be a long-term goal. But, there is always the chance that you might catch onto something that draws traffic. On each of my sites there are a few topics that draw more traffic than others.

It is important to remember that you need to create a niche or theme and stick to it. Be open to trying new topics, but in someway make it relate to the rest of your blog. Build it up by multiple posts on the topic, but not duplicating them. If it doesn’t work, no harm done. You can always start another blog on that topic and redirect your original posts.

Tracking Your Blog Traffic

By entering a Google Analytics code into your blog’s template, Google will track the visits to your site and provide you with data such as amount of visits to each post, length of time on posts, how many pages the visitor clicked through…even the countries, states, and towns where the computers are located.  What really helps is learning what search words your visitors used to find your post through Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Blogging Can Be a Family Business

Even kids can become bloggers. One young lady kept a blog about something that was popular at the time that she collected. I think it was about Beanie Babies. She had lots of visitors from other kids who also collected them. She had fun blogging and connecting with other kids who had the same interest…plus she made money, too!

Add More Income, Become an Affiliate Marketer

Another way to add income to your blogging is to become an affiliate marketer. You apply to become an affiliate member of individual vendors through affiliate sites. If your blog is approved, then you place banner links, product image links, and text links on your blog. If a visitor clicks on the link through to the vendor’s site and purchases one or more products, you will receive a commission. You’ll want to find vendors with products that can relate to your blog niche or topic.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers

  • Blog what you like to talk about, what you know how to do, your experiences, or to help others. But, if you truly don’t enjoy the topic, it will become “work” and you’ll probably lose interest over time.
  • Write your blog. Sleep on it. Re-read it the next day. Proofread it carefully. Don’t hesitate to ask others to read your posts, at least in the beginning before you hit “publish.”
  • Let your personality show through. Don’t be afraid to be outrageous if that is what you want to bring forth, if it works with your style and topic.
  • Ask for help when you need it. There are often forums on the blog host’s site. You can also search for an answer by typing in your question into Google. You can leave a comment here and I’ll answer your question if I can. If I can’t, I try to help you find it.