NJ Teachers Are Taxpayers And People, Too!

Just a brief rant on the subject of New Jersey teachers not being of the “real world.”  As a teacher…

  • I am a taxpayer, just like my neighbors, just like everyone else in New Jersey and beyond…my property taxes increase, too!
  • I’ve held jobs in the “real world” of employment, just like many other teachers who have had to supplement their income either in college, during summers, or in a prior career!
  • I pay into Disability Insurance just in case because otherwise, I wouldn’t have the income if I should become ill or injured before I retire!
  • I have members of my immediate family who also pay taxes and are employed in the “real world” so everything the public says we are not aware of affects my family, too!
  • I work 10 months a year which means I get paid for only 10 months a year. Although I am not employed between June 30 and September 1, I am not eligible for unemployment. It is up to me alone to budget wisely or seek additional employment…no handouts!
  • I am a member of the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), but it doesn’t necessarily mean I agree or disagree with the teachers’ union or Governor Christie. Don’t judge me by the actions of the Union or Governor!
  • I am a teacher because I want to encourage and bring out the best in your children’s education and character. Let me do my job, I don’t try to tell you how to do yours. Instead of being adversaries, we should be on the same team.  When your child complains about me, homework, grades…contact me with an open mind – don’t attack me, work with me…I can fill in the information your child may have left out…or help clear up a misunderstanding.
  • I am available to help my students improve their skills, but I can’t do that if they don’t let me know where I’ve lost them or if they don’t show up for extra help. This is the most frustrating aspect of teaching…often just a few sessions can make a big difference. Together we can teach and encourage students to advocate for themselves.
  • I look forward to the new school year to continue positive progress.