Families in Need: New Hampshire Families Need Your Help


families in need of helpThe following New Hampshire families are in need of your help. If you are interested in offering some assistance to one of these New Hampshire families in need, leave a comment below. It will come to my email at which time I will contact you as soon as possible! If you aren’t able to donate on your own, ask friends and family if they would like to adopt a family in need and share in the giving. Be an angel or a hero, either way you will receive the best gift of all. Remember, families need help not just at Christmas time… Note to families in need: You may leave your request for help in the comment box – it will also appear in my email. At that time I will contact you.

2012 Requests
Submitted 2012/11/30
Hello my name is Shayntel. I am a college student who works 2 jobs. Our family is really struggling this year. Our parents recently split and while camping our house was robbed. Im just looking to help my family but parttime jobs are not cutting it. We could really use the help. There are 4 kids 6, 15, and twin 13 year old. Any bit of help would be amazing. I can explain the situation better if emaild. We live in the Rochester nh area. Thanks for looking and happy holidays.
I am single mom 3 and I have had some major issues with depression and such lately and have not returned back to work yet due to those issues. I have recently aquired a car that I. Am paying for still and it currently has issues and with Christmas so close I am worried I won’t be able to do much this year.
2011 Requests
Eric Marshall NEW HAMPSHIRE - Seabrook area: i Need help but I am afraid its too late… I have 3 kids and a sick wife.Unemployed now for two months and my unemployment is 134$ weekly… simply bummed out  
Amy NEW HAMPSHIRE – Newberry area: Im a single mother of a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. Ive tried everywhere for xmas help..no luck.either no funding or too late(i started looking mid november). I have nothing for my kids for xmas. they are going to be soo disappointed.
Kimberly NEW HAMPSHIRE – Pelham area: I am a single mom and i am in desperate need of help for christmas and I dont know where to turn and was wondering if you can help me try to find some sort of help please?? my daughter Nicole is only 10 years old and my oldest is 20 I have been searching all over for help can you please help me
Christina NEW HAMPSHIRE – Manchester area: My name is Chris.I live in N.H./I live on social security,I have a 15 year old girl,We are struggling to make ends meet.I am a heart patient and I struggle to pay my bills,get my medicine which I take a lot of. The co-pay which is costly.Because of my Struggles Christmas is especially hard time.I understand there are a lot of people hurting.If i can get Christmas help for my child i would greatly appreciate it very much. Thank you very much
Maria O NEW HAMPSHIRE - Seabrook area: I have three beautiful grandchildren who are residing with me I have a limited income which barely pays the rent and puts minimal food on our table I was wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to assist our family for Christmas Thank You and God Bless
Nancy Nason-Roehl NEW HAMPSHIRE - Tilton area:  Hello, my family has found out that our son-in-law to be has been hospitalized for kidney problems. Although, he is feeling better, he may need ongoing treatment. My daughter is having his son in late October, and money, well there is none. He mother has been going back and forth at this time, but her car broke down in our driveway today, and we are not sure how she will be able to travel. The bills are very high as you can imagine, I am not sure how but I need to find a way to help. We live in New Hampshire, and i would love to hear from someone who may be able to help me set up a fund that can be used for the purpose of medical bills, and a way to get him back and forth for treatment. Thank you for you time and consideration Peace Nancy