Families in Need: California Families Need Your Help


families in need of helpThe following California families are in need of your help. If you are interested in offering some assistance to one of these California families in need, leave a comment below. It will come to my email at which time I will contact you as soon as possible! If you aren’t able to donate on your own, ask friends and family if they would like to adopt a family in need and share in the giving. Be an angel or a hero, either way you will receive the best gift of all. Remember, families need help not just at Christmas time…

Donna CALIFORNIA – Ventura County: I am a 57 yr. old single mom with a 15 yr. old autistic son. We have been homeless since March, and are currently living in transitional housing for homeless, single-parent families. I originally found this site while searching for Christmas tree donations, as only two of the nine families here, have been able to get trees. But, after reading through some of the other posts, I began to focus more on what we really need, versus want. Except for our car and our computer, we lost everything we owned(including our clothing) to auction earlier this year. What we really need now are two heavy blankets, or preferably comforters, and some warm clothing for my son (as he has only one pair of jeans and one long-sleeve T-shirt to wear). I have received clothing donations for myself, but there has been very little available that would fit a teenage boy. Shoes are also a problem for both of us. Any help at all, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Ann DiNicola CALIFORNIA – Los Angeles area: I am on gov’t. low income and not working. In May I had a fire and lost everything. I did not have insurance. I am in temporary housing and will need to move end of March. At present I really need some winter clothes and it would help me a lot if I can get any other donations. I would appreciate it so much since it’s a difficult time for me. Thank you. The clothes and sizes needed are:
Long sleeve casual plain knit tops XL
Black stretch long wide leg pants XL
Thermal pajamas tops/bottoms XL
Hoodies with full zipper (brown, grey) XL
Anklet socks, black, grey (size 9)
Black winter jacket XL
Sweater tops XL


Dear Nana’s finds: I read your comment about some people asking for donations or Christmas help and them being deceitful when a donor came up to give help or assistance. Yes, it is important to prove actual need. I can prove my income from SSDI and I can prove I had a fire. So I am hoping my request remains valid and that someone can help me with some winter clothing. Thank you.

Ann Di Nicola
Los Angeles, CA

P.S. You can google 153 Bartlett Avenue fire (Pittsfield, MA) That’s the building that I had lived in for six months and had to leave, losing everything I owned. Even the apt. owner can validate that the building was a total loss. I am in California now, for the time being. Thank you. Ann

Elizabeth CALIFORNIA - Half Moon Bay area: Hi, my fiance and I and our two kids (boy 10 and girl 6)relocated to care for our elderly parents…my fiance’s dad passed away a few months back and at the same time my father had an emergency triple bypass surgery. We were living in Oregon and moved down to California to help care for our parents. Because we did this so quickly we haven’t been able to save or make ends meet since being here. If it weren’t for the kids, we wouldn’t even been thinking about Christmas this year….we could really use some help. Any and all help would be appreciated. My fiance injured himself at work and hasn’t been able to work full-time and my job is also only part-time. We have been looking for other resources/jobs but haven’t been very successful…If anyone can help us or suggest any help we’d be very grateful…Thank you and God bless !
Julieta Ochoa CALIFORNIA – Stockton area: im a mother to 2 beautiful lil’ girls ages 4,& 5 usually for every Christmas they had i tried my best to make it special. This year we had a rough patch we moved out of Arizona were we lived to the state of California with my parents to leave a horrible and abusive marriage. This Christmas i am with out a job a very low income im working with little to none resources to make this Christmas special. My daughters have been through alot this year that no child should never go through in a life time. If theres any one out there that can help me to bring a pinch of joy to my baby girls i would greatly appreciate it. if possible maybe a toy for each of them. I will for ever be eternally great full to you. Thank you for your kind attention. May god bless.
Latonya B CALIFORNIA – Los Angeles area: Hello, I am a single parent of two girls (8 & 11). I was previously forced to quit my job due to domestic violence and have since been receiving unemployment. It has been soo hard on my girls with the major income change. They are now starting to understand more as the days, weeks and months go by. I’ve been unsuccessful in my job search and actively looking since March of this year. My girls would be soooooo appreciative to know that although Christmas may not be what it has been previously however no matter what Christmas brings we still have each other. And that’s the greatest gift ever! Things happen for reasons, and I know that there is something better in store for us. As we must be patient and Thankful for what we do have.
Shannell W CALIFORNIA – Los Angeles area: have 5 kids ages 1,4,6,8, and 14 i am asking for help this christmas for my kids i a single mom and i loss my job and its hard for me all i have gos to rent and bills im trying to get by and im asking for help please help me