Artificial Christmas Trees: Donate or Reuse

What to Do with Your Artificial Christmas Trees

donate or reuse artificial christmas treesChristmas is over and perhaps you are considering taking your artificial Christmas trees to the recycling center.  Stop! Artificial Christmas trees can’t be recycled. You must leave your artificial Christmas trees at the curb with the trash. Remember, one person’s trash is another’s treasure. There are many, many families who were unable to have a Christmas tree for their children to enjoy this year and would appreciate an artificial Christmas tree donation. I’ve received many requests from families in need of Christmas trees on this website. Even though they can’t afford presents, they would each love to have a Christmas tree – a symbol of hope for better things to come.

Donate Your Artificial Christmas Trees

So, before you discard your artificial Christmas trees, donate it directly to a family in need. First, ask friends, neighbors, and colleagues if they know of a family who is in need of a free Christmas tree donation.  If they don’t have a family in need to refer you to, list your free Christmas tree on your local Freecycle Network. While you are at it, take time to clean out other unwanted items and add them to your list such as toys, clothing, electronics, instruments, paint, books, bikes, furniture, and more.  You might even find items that you might be able to use, too. It is always better to give, and it is always better to reuse than recycle. If that doesn’t work for you, hold onto  until you or a friend holds a garage sale. You can put a “free” sign on your artificial Christmas trees. I’m sure it will go to a family in need.

Another option to discard your artificial Christmas tree for reuse is to donate the tree directly to a local charity to be offered to a family in need. Contact local churches, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or other charitable agencies and non-profits and let them know you have an artificial tree to donate. They may accept your tree donation at that time or ask you to wait until the next Christmas season. If you are unable to find a family or organization to donate your artificial Christmas tree to, contact local schools, community centers and churches.  Decorate a small artificial tree with miniature lights and ornaments for the children’s floor of your community’s hospital.

Creative Ways to Reuse Artifical Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees have parts that can be taken and reused in creative new ways. For families in need looking for ways to earn additional income, consider collecting discarded artificial Christmas trees and make indoor and outdoor holiday decorations to sell.

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Kids In Need Birthday Help 2013

kids in need birthday help 2013Families in need of help have kids in need of birthday help. Their children need joy not only at Christmas time but on their birthdays, too. Do you remember how you felt when your birthday was approaching? For families in need, not only is Christmas very stressful because they are unable to help Santa, but their children’s birthdays are stressful too. Parents never want to let their children down. If parents can’t afford the birthday gifts their children so desperately want or need, it is heartbreaking for both parents and kids in need. Do you know that there are children who have never had a birthday party? How sad is that!

Kids in Need Birthday Gifts

As we all know, children tend to grow out of their clothes and shoes way too soon and it is difficult to provide what they need when they need it. When children feel like they fit in they feel more comfortable in school. This makes it easier for them to concentrate on their lessons instead of being self-conscious of their appearance. That can be very distracting for children, especially as they enter the ‘tween and beyond stage.

Toys aren’t just for fun. They help children develop skills in so many ways. Toys can help children develop motor skills, cognitive skills, and social skills. When chosen for the appropriate age level, toys can be fun and educational without the frustration that the wrong developmental level can bring on.

Requests for Kids in Need Birthday Help

What I am asking is that if you would like to help kids in need have a happy birthday, look over the following requests for help that I received for 2012 Christmas help. Unfortunately, their situation won’t change because just Christmas has come and gone. They will have these concerns throughout the year unless they finally find employment, their health turns for the best, the children’s father pays child support, or they receive some assistance from people with big hearts such as you. Before you decide, please take time to read through the list below, organized by state. If you wish to learn more about a family, leave a comment below and I will respond to you. I am not a charity, but I will attempt to make a match for each offer to help kids in need of birthday help and then it is up to you and the family in need to make a connection. This can be a great family acts of kindness to involve your own children in, giving gifts to others kids. Here is a website of how kids help kids in need.

In the meantime, I will be contacting the families listed below for their kids in need birthdays and first names. If I don’t receive a response in a reasonable time, I will delete them. Here is a similar post: Families in need One Birthday Gift for My Child.
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Boston Area Christmas Help for Families in Need

kids in need christmas partyI’m sorry, this is no longer available to for referrals. Please contact CWCAO (Cambridge) directly. The organization benefits the community by feeding the hungry, offering advocacy and a range of service to those in need. Free meals, food pantries, classes that offer some a great deal in getting stronger, basic computer, job search workshops, healthy lifestyles, basic budgeting at home, ESL and more.

Fun Time For All (posted Dec, 2012)

For the second year, the group will host a party for families and children. The Christmas Party will be complete with a delicious buffet, live music, and entertainment for the children too! Some of the guests of honor will be Santa who will give gifts to all the children who attend and Snow White who has promised to read stories and play games to entertain the young ones.

Donations Accepted

Not only are families in need invited, families who wish to help other families are invited to join in the fun.  Contact: [email protected] if you would like to help by donating gift(s) anonymously or in person or learn more about how you might receive assistance. The majority of the children are between 5 and 11. Some may be younger and some older. Your help is welcome!




RSVP by December 20th!

If you’d like to RSVP online, visit their MeetUp invitation:  If transportation is a problem, don’t hesitate to let them know. There is a possibility they can help with that, too. Don’t be shy. Contact them today. You can bring others with you, too. Just let them know how many to expect. and CWCAO

This is my second year referring Massachusetts and New Hampshire moms in need and those wishing to help to CWCAO. This caring group is very dedicated and sincere in their offers of help. If you are a mom in need in the eastern half of Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire, please contact them directly ASAP. They may be able to make your Christmas a little brighter. Party attendance is not mandatory, but I know you will be glad you did!Read more: Boston Area Christmas Help for Families in Need