Free Christmas Tree Offer: Chicago

families need help christmas 2015

Recycle Your Christmas Tree: Donate

It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas, especially when a free Christmas tree offer comes your way. Last year several families in need of Christmas help were able to be matched on with other familes who wanted to recycle their Christmas tree by donating it. I can’t think of a better way to recycle Christmas trees…can you?

Free Christmas Tree Offer

I currently have a reader who wants to recycle her 7 1/2 ft Christmas tree and lights by donating it to a single mom in the far western suburbs of Chicago. Here’s what she wrote to me a few days ago:

I just came across this website and hope that this service is still available. I have a 7 1/2′ artificial tree with lights. It is an older tree and may not have many more Christmas’ left in it but it is a big beautiful tree. I’ve enjoyed many years with this tree. It was a gift to me from someone who knew that as a single mom, I would never be able to afford a tree any other way. I would love to see it go to another single mom in need. I also have many spare sets of lights that just sit in a box each year.

Contact Nana

If you are a single mom in need of a free Christmas tree in or near the far western suburbs of Chicago, please leave your request in the ”leave a comment” box below. You’ll be contacted to make arrangements for the Christmas tree exchange. In the case of more than one single mom requesting the free Christmas tree, the recipient will be randomly chosen.

Christmas Tree Recycling Network

families in need request help

donate Christmas treesChristmas is a time of giving. It is also presents opportunities for recycling, too. Instead of throwing out your old Christmas tree and decorations, please consider donating it to a local family who can’t afford to buy one this year. Christmas tree decorations and lights can be recycled this way, too! Do something nice for a family in need, Mother Earth, and yourself. Please donate your artificial Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Recycling Network

I recently wrote an article about donating or receiving artificial Christmas trees. It is my hope that I can start an artificial Christmas Tree recycling network. Since I posted the article, I’ve received requests for receiving a Christmas Tree from mothers who are presently going through rough financial times and are seeking help in giving their children a Christmas this year. They aren’t asking for much here, just a Christmas tree to brighten their holiday. (I’ve offered suggestions in some of  my previous posts on how families may be able to find help for toys and food.)

The families need donors! Please spread the word and ask those who are interested to leave a comment on this or any other post on NanaFinds. All comments come to my email – I will respond to them ASAP!

I’ve posted below the Christmas tree requests that I have received thus far. New requests will be added as they are received. My goal is to connect each family with a donor by December 18. I don’t know if this will work, I can’t promise it will…I can only hope.

There isn’t a better Christmas present to yourself than knowing you’ve brightened a child’s Christmas by giving the family your artificial Christmas tree.

2010 Requests

Oakland, CA Malone
(waiting to hear from the mother)
(waiting to hear from the mother)
Claremont, FL Belinda
(waiting to hear from the mother)
Columbus, GA Harris
Ellenwood, GA Poulter
Cincinnati, Ohio Parker
Cincinnati, Ohio Robinson
(waiting to hear from mother)
Warrenville, SC Gordon

2011 Requests – please keep your email updated so you can be contacted if a donated tree becomes available in your area.

Christmas Help: Donate or Receive a Christmas Tree

families need help christmas 2015

Connecting Families: Artificial Christmas Tree Donations

Many people just throw out their artificial Christmas trees to be picked up at the curb as trash. Donating artificial Christmas trees to low income families in need, or charitable organizations who service families in need, would be a wonderful way to help create a merry Christmas. Recycling artificial Christmas trees will also be beneficial for the environment by reducing the amount of trees sent to the landfill.

If you have an artificial Christmas tree (and Christmas lights) to donate (as instructed below), please leave a comment. I’ll be in touch to try to connect you with a family in need of a Christmas tree donation.

Families in Need of an Artificial Christmas Tree Donation

If you are a family in need of an artificial Christmas tree this year because you cannot afford a Christmas Tree, please leave a comment below. If I receive an offer of a Christmas tree donation in your area, I will attempt to connect you with the donor.

If you are a charitable organization who would like to receive artificial Christmas tree and Christmas lights donations to distribute to local families in need of assistance, please leave a comment below.

Include in the comment box below:

  • contact name
  • email
  • town/city
  • state
  • family or charitable organization
  • name of organization
  • donor or recipient

Once I receive your comment, I will respond by email for further information. I hope, together, we will be able brighten up Christmas for many children this year.

Disclaimer: I am unable to assist in the delivery of the trees nor contribute any financial assistance. My role is to only connect donors and recipients, if possible. I am not responsible for anything beyond that.