Kids In Need Birthday Help 2013

kids in need birthday help 2013Families in need of help have kids in need of birthday help. Their children need joy not only at Christmas time but on their birthdays, too. Do you remember how you felt when your birthday was approaching? For families in need, not only is Christmas very stressful because they are unable to help Santa, but their children’s birthdays are stressful too. Parents never want to let their children down. If parents can’t afford the birthday gifts their children so desperately want or need, it is heartbreaking for both parents and kids in need. Do you know that there are children who have never had a birthday party? How sad is that!

Kids in Need Birthday Gifts

As we all know, children tend to grow out of their clothes and shoes way too soon and it is difficult to provide what they need when they need it. When children feel like they fit in they feel more comfortable in school. This makes it easier for them to concentrate on their lessons instead of being self-conscious of their appearance. That can be very distracting for children, especially as they enter the ‘tween and beyond stage.

Toys aren’t just for fun. They help children develop skills in so many ways. Toys can help children develop motor skills, cognitive skills, and social skills. When chosen for the appropriate age level, toys can be fun and educational without the frustration that the wrong developmental level can bring on.

Requests for Kids in Need Birthday Help

What I am asking is that if you would like to help kids in need have a happy birthday, look over the following requests for help that I received for 2012 Christmas help. Unfortunately, their situation won’t change because just Christmas has come and gone. They will have these concerns throughout the year unless they finally find employment, their health turns for the best, the children’s father pays child support, or they receive some assistance from people with big hearts such as you. Before you decide, please take time to read through the list below, organized by state. If you wish to learn more about a family, leave a comment below and I will respond to you. I am not a charity, but I will attempt to make a match for each offer to help kids in need of birthday help and then it is up to you and the family in need to make a connection. This can be a great family acts of kindness to involve your own children in, giving gifts to others kids. Here is a website of how kids help kids in need.

In the meantime, I will be contacting the families listed below for their kids in need birthdays and first names. If I don’t receive a response in a reasonable time, I will delete them. Here is a similar post: Families in need One Birthday Gift for My Child.
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Families in Need: One Birthday Gift for My Child


Every child has at least one birthday gift they’d love to receive on their birthday. Some children are fortunate enough to receive most of the birthday gifts on their wish list while others may not receive even one birthday gift.

One Birthday Gift for My Child

One Birthday Gift for My Child is new to Nana Finds Ways to Help. Families in need may submit up to 5 birthday gift requests noting first, second, etc. choices, each valued up to approximately $30, and easily mailed or shipped within the United States. Nana Finds Ways to Help will publish your child’s (grandchild’s) birthday gift request in hopes that a reader will be interested in helping with your need to provide a birthday gift for your child.

Requests should be made as early as possible with the information listed below. Information noted as private will remain private until you directly submit it to the person responding to your request. Be aware, more information may be requested and/or a background check may be made before the donor decides to send a birthday gift to your child.

How to Submit a Birthday Gift Request

Submit your child’s (grandchild’s) birthday gift request below in the comment box after reading this post – request must be made by the parent or grandparent. Each child’s request is to be submitted separately. Requests are not seen by others until Nana approves them. There are no guarantees and offers are not binding, but I do hope and expect that birthday gift requests and offers will be made in good faith. For obvious safety concerns, do not meet in person…do not ask for or give cash…do not give personal banking or social securitty numbers…etc.

Note: If there is more than one child in the family, submit each request separately! If not all information is submitted as requested, your request may not be published. Do not submit requests more than one time.

Child’s age and birthday:
Child’s First Name:
Parent’s/Grandparent’s First and Last Name:
Street Address (priavte):
Town (private), State, Zip (private):
Phone No (private):
Why your child deserves to be considered:
Family in Need brief background:

It will be noted that there are requests for other children in the family…giving first name and birthday date as a reference.