Free Online Poker Games: Play with Free Money

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Playing poker online will be legalized in New Jersey if voters pass a referendum that may be put before them in play free poker onlineNovember. But, I don’t think that is a good idea. Why make it easier for people to accumulate debt when they are probably already in need of money to pay the bills?

We all dream once in a while about that just one lucky moment that could take care of our money problems. How many people do you know that get lucky easily, or at all? Do you know anyone who bets, whether it be for fun or for money, who actually comes out ahead and stays there? Those involved in the business of gaming like it when their customers win because they know most times they’ll be back to make more bets. Once you get a taste of winning with both excitement and money gained, it is very difficult to resist another attempt to relive that one lucky moment.

I live near a race track, just a few miles down the road. We go only once every summer and when we do go, we take only $30 to play with. It is so easy to get into it and hard to remember it is all just by chance and maybe some knowledge…if you follow the horses and understand the odds posted on the board. Most of us can’t do that and that is why we lose more than we win…unless it is that one lucky moment…that most likely won’t return. It just came to mind…what will happen to this New Jersey race track if intrastate gaming is allowed online? More jobs lost…probably.Read more: Free Online Poker Games: Play with Free Money

Cheap Fun: Learn a Poker Card Game

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When times are hard and money is scarce for extras, especially higher cost cable or internet, movies, or day trips, learn to play pokerfinding new interests can be uplifting for the spirit. It a a great time to find ways to have cheap fun by learning something new for self-improvement or just for pleasure.

Staying home can get very boring with nothing new to keep your mind off your troubles. Nana recommends that you get out and visit your local library or bookstore. Libraries and bookstores are actually a great source for cheap fun because you are free to browse through the many books they offer for sale. They even provide comfortable chairs in the various departments so that the seekers of new knowledge, the curious, or just lovers of literature of all kinds, can take the time to enjoy the many books without having to purchase or leaving the premises.

Learn Something Fun – Learn Poker

Before going out in search of a new interest, make a list of new fun things you’d like to know how to do. Learning doesn’t have to be tedious or boring if you find the right topic, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Why not start with learning a poker card game that you could play with friends you enjoy inviting over. Take turns playing in each other’s homes for a sense of variety. Everyone could share in bringing an inexpensive snack, pot luck dinner contribution, or best yet – a favorite dessert.

A favorite poker card game over the past several years am is Texas Holdem. You don’t have to play for money. You could use individual pieces of wrapped candy bought at the dollar store so the winnings can be fun, too. Look for holiday candy clearance sales for even better bargains. Really get into it by dressing the part as a Texas dudes and dudettes!

If your friends or family members don’t know how to play Texas Hold em, make a list of the rules and tips so you can all learn together. It can make for an amusing time if you all learn how to play games the way my family does!

Spring Cleaning Tips: Kids Games Get Kids to Clean Up

GEDC1247(1)Do you need help in getting your kids to clean up after themselves without a battle? Often times, getting kids to help with spring cleaning chores – mainly cleaning up after they make a mess – can be a no win event for both kids and parents. Some spring cleaning tips for you to use involve using fun, creative strategies to create kids games. These fun spring cleaning tips can make the kids feel like they are playing kids games instead of working. Here are a few spring cleaning tips that you might like to try with your children:


  1. Set up colored buckets, baskets, boxes, or storage bins in your child’s room. Each color or decoration will be matched with toy categories of your choice. Help your child attach decorations on the outside to help your child remember, such as paper dolls glued to the outside of a container to hold dolls.  By decorating the containers, your child will feel important in deciding which one goes with which category – and will find it easier to remember to put the toys in the right one.  Make a game of deciding which toy goes with which category. This is a great activity to learn sorting – a pre-math skill.
  2. You can also change it as your child learns the alphabet. Play a game finding items starting with each letter of the alphabet and place them in the right storage container.
  3. Create a fantasy game where your child has the “clean” territory and you have the “messy” territory. Your child needs to win back more clean territory from you. Make up fun rules that will motivate your young one.

Older Children

  1. Use a timer to make a clean-up competition. Bet you child he can’t clean up in 10 minutes or before you finish a task you need to do within 10 minutes.  If your child finishes before the timer goes off, he gets a special treat.
  2. The best way to clean up is to clean out. How to choose what to get rid of? Give each child a large basket to fill with toys to donate. The winner gets to choose dinner and a movie for everyone. If it comes out even, let one choose the movie and the other the dinner. Have a third child…there’s always dessert!
  3. Keep track of every night the kids go to bed with a neat room. Tell they they will earn points that will total up for a special privilege or reward – you can have category levels so that the goal won’t seem too overwhelming.
  4. Cleaning the inside of the car can be time consuming. Assign each family member one section of the car that they must keep clean. Those who maintain their car care responsibilities, earn a free day off from their cleaning schedule – but, if they make messes on that day – they’ll have more to clean the next time they have to clean.
  5. Do the Cleaning Dance! One child creates a cleaning dance and the others must follow for 5 minutes. Then it’s the next child’s (or grown-up’s) turn to lead in their dance for others to follow for 5 minutes. Dancing is great aerobic exercise and makes cleaning get done a lot faster!

The basics for these fun, cleaning activities came from the May, 2010, Woman’s Day issue.