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back to school help for low income families in needBack to school help for low income families in need of back to school clothing and supplies is difficult to find on the Web. The reason I know is because I attempted to help a mother of a low income family in need contacted me recently.  She has spent hours searching on the Internet, and so have I, for non-profits and “angels” who might be able to assist her family in need. If you found this post for the same reasons, perhaps the following information can help you in your search.

How to Search for Back to School Help for Low Income Families in Need

First of all, do a search on Google and other search engines first using “back to school help for low income families” + “yourtown, state”.  I did a search for Brockton, MA. What I found was various resources. Unfortunately, some are no longer in existence. It is difficult for small non-profit agencies who help low income families in need to keep afloat. Be creative with the use of quotation marks and + symbols to help narrow your search results. If that doesn’t help, then broaden it without them. Use a combination of search words and you might find some new results.

Back to School Help for low income families might be found at this national resource found in my search: Hero Network – Clothing Wishes. There is also the Wish Upon a Hero Foundation where families in need of back to school clothing and supplies, among other needs, can post their needs.

Another is the Salvation Army, who holds a backpack giveaway during their Back to School celebration. Do a search for salvation army back to school help + your state abbreviation. Search for their program under “seasonal programs.”
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Families in Need: Massachusetts Families Need Your Help


families in need of helpThe following Massachusetts families are in need of your help. If you are interested in offering some assistance to one of these families in need, leave a comment below. It will come to my email at which time I will contact you as soon as possible! If you aren’t able to donate on your own, ask friends and family if they would like to adopt a family in need and share in the giving. Be an angel or a hero, either way you will receive the best gift of all. Remember, families need help not just at Christmas time…  A special thanks to Bill P of Loaves and Fishes Meal Program in Cambridge for offering to help families in the Boston area!


Please note: cannot verify these mothers’ claims are true. If you wish to donate, it is suggested you ask for some form of verification and reference. Do not give money. If you meet in person, please do so in a public meeting place. If you are interested in helping, leave a comment and I will contact both you and the mother. To those who are seeking help, be prepared to offer verifiable proof of your situation. is not responsible or liable for the outcome of any matches made. and are two websites that can be used to help with background checks.

Katy P Brockton – My name is Katy P. and unfortunately I have fallen upon hard times this year and am terrified my daughter (who’s 5) won’t be having a great Christmas this year. Last year I was working full time as a PCA, taking care of an elderly lady with cancer and Alzheimer’s. The pay was great and I loved my job so much. I left everyday knowing I had made her day a little better. Unfortunately I went on vaca to see family in June for 2 weeks and when I came back my job was no longer available. It was if to much time had elapsed and she completely forgot who I was and wouldn’t let me in her house. Since then I’ve been working at a local convenience store, making minimum wage. I try not to complain because I’m very lucky to have a job but not only am I only making minimum wage, the boss only puts me on for 1-2 shifts per week. There is no way I’m going to be able to get her anything at that rate. I’m not sure what to do.I have this list of cute little things she wants Santa to get her and everytime I look at it I cry. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Hopefully someone reads this and is willing to either help or point me in the right direction. Thank You SO much! Katy
Lori Gardner – hello, i am a disabled mom with 2 children in need of christmas help please (2012) i only receive $490 a month for cash, and i have tried everywhere looking for help, unfortuneately, agencies only help kids up to age 12 or 13, and my kids are 15 and 16, please if there is an angel out there that could adopt my kids for christmas 2012, god bless!
Riri Marlborough – I have a seven year old son. This year has been extremely hard for us. His father moved out of state and decided to stop paying his child support. With out child support I’m barely making ends meet. I just feel so bad because my son is such a good boy. He’s so polite and kind-hearted and I wish I could give him a good Christmas but I can’t even afford it. He loves legos so I’ve been going to local thrift stores for legos but have not come across any legos yet.I wish all the families the best of luck this Christmas. Atleast we are able to spend xmas with our children in a warm home because some people can’t even do that. God Bless
Amanda Salem – Hi Nana, I am a single mother of a 19 month old babygirl who I stay home with she is so smart and such a good girl I want to give her everything she deserves but,I have manic-depressive bipolar disorder and had a massive heart attack a year and a half ago,I am unable to work due to these issues I am only 33 and I have been looking for some help to buy my daughter some toys for Christmas,my bank account just bounced so I could buy my baby winter cloths before it got very cold,so I am asking for any resources,to help with toys and maybe even a christmas tree. Thank you in advance for any help Amanda
Ileana Roslindale (Boston) – Hello my name Is Ileana. I Am a pround mother to a amazing 3 children a boy 2 years old, boy 4 years old and a girl 12 years old. My wish for this christmas is to find a donor to help my kids have a nice christmas this year. My children are very special that the reason i want give the great chirstmas for they. My two boys likes cars, truck and trains and my daughter like art craft. If somebody can help me please let me know. Good bless you and happy hollydays
Kellie Boston – I am a single mom of a beautiful little gal. I have a sister who is also a single mom of 3 children and carries the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. My sister is having a very hard time this year and will not be able to provide a christmas to her children. If anyone out there would like to help a family in need, please contact me. My sister and her family really need the help Katie my sister has two boys Mark 13, Jared 10 and Hayleigh 7. Being disabled and raising 3 children on her own is quite a task. Any and all help would be very much appreciated. Thank you, Kellie
Jodi Malden – My son is a good kid who didnt ask to be born close to Christmas (12/05/00), but it makes it even harder when he just had a growth spurt too and needs clothes badly. I am disabled and have been for several years. This year is even harder because my 19 year old is unemployed and we are all living off my SSI check of ($704/mth). My car is broken down again (95nissan), My son Needs clothes (he is a size 18 boys) Boots and sneakers (8.5 mens now). His Birthday is coming and Christmas and he deserves a present for both, but I cant even figure out how to buy a tree! Any of it ! Im loosing it! My bills are already high late and stressing me too. After more than 5 heart attacks Im concerned.


Khrystal MASSACHUSETTS – Boston area:  Hi, my name is Khrystal and I am the single parent of a beautiful 4 year old boy. I currently work at a University as an assistant, but the pay is extrodinarily low. After daycare ($1,000/mo) is ripped from my pay check, I am left with $251/week. My rent alone (for a one bedroom that my son and I share) cost $1000/mo. I continue to keep my job because of the market and because I am able to go to college for free as an employee (at nights). It is the sacrifice I make now for a better future for my son. I recenlty received my monthly eviction notice and am still behind $200 on rent and have not even begun to save for December’s rent (due today). I am considered the working poor and was denied by DTA (Welfare) being told that I could receive services if I added to my family size (What? They are suggesting I have another child that I can’t afford; no wonder this country is falling apart). My LICSW from my divorce calls me “supermom” and told me that I would do better if I did not work, but I have too much pride to lay down and die. I often cannot go to food pantries (as I have no car and most pantries have p/u during the work week). I cannot get other state assistance because they use DTA as a benchmark for accepting into other assistance programs (WIC; Fuel Assistance, Toys for Tots). I often go hungry saving what little food I have for my son. We do not have the common necessities (heat/food) or taken-for-granted luxuries (no TV or Internet/toys for Christmas/tree). The problem is that society tells children that if they are “naughty” that they will not get toys from Santa. Knowing that I can’t even afford a tree or to keep the roof over our head and now my son is going to believe that he is “naughty” when he is in deed a wonderful child. It just breaks my heart. Any help with bring Christmas into our home is welcome and would be greatly appreciated. You would be making a difference in a young boys life. God bless!I have contacted local churches and Salvation Army and have received no response. Any of the items below either new or used are acceptable. I just want to have something to give to him, as he so much deserves it. My son has asked Santa for the following:
Fisher-Price GeoTrax Fire Station
Fisher-Price GeoTrax Quarry
Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Set – Rumbling Gold Mine Run
LeapFrog TAG Reading System – Green
LeapFrog TAG Junior Activity Storybook – Thomas & Friends: Best Friends
Soccer Ball (kids size)
Tennis Racket (kids size)Many, many thanks,
cherylyn pacheco MASSACHUSETTS:  I am a disabled veteran who is raising my three grandsons, ages 5,4 and 2 my daughter is in the hospital due to mental health issues and will be for the foreseeable future. I am hoping someone could possibly help with Christmas for my little ones. They have been thru so much all ready. I receive a small disability check monthly with barely meets the day to day necessities. We do not have cable or Internet. So trying to cut the budget for Christmas is impossible. We would be so appreciative of anything anyone feels they could donate, new or used. If anyone that feels that they are in a position to help me out with my boys I will feel forever grateful. Happy Holidays to all and I hope every one has a happy and healthy holiday season.
 Jennifer MASSACHUSETTS – Boston area:  Hi, My name is Jennifer, I live in Boston ma and I’m the (single) proud parent of an 8yr old son and an 18mth old daughter. My children are my world, and all I want for Christmas is for them to have a nice Christmas. Unfortunately at this time I Fear I will not be able to provide that for them. I have been unemployed, do to the closing of the company. I am also in the current situation where I’m moving my family from an extremely unsafe, unhealthy building, a building where our apartment has been broken into far to many times by neighbors, neighbors who have threatened our lives and who stole the very last of my savings!
If there is anyone out there able and willing to help my children have a nice christmas, I would be so very grateful! Please contact me even if you know of any organizations that are available to help.
Thank you ever so much!
 Erica  MASSACHUSETTS – Boston area: Hello my name Is Erica I Live In Lynn MA . I Am a proud mother to a amazing 5 year old little girl. I Was homeless for a while luckily i have just got a housing that only lasts for a year. I am trying to find work right now i receive welfare. My anxiety makes it hard for me to be out in public for large amounts of time. I am a great mother and i do try so hard. The holidays are hard because i usually do good but this year i am stuggleing hard and i hate it i dont even have a tree i guess it just gets depressing you know my daughter deserves so much more she is a bright 5 year old little girl she loves to learn she is now starting to read she asked santa for learning toys & princess stuff she is not a normal 5 year olds size my daughter wears size 8 clothing from 8-10 cause she can grown into them kids grow quick she is a size 12 shoe/boot.. if anyone could help me this season i would appreciate it being a single mother isnt easy when it really is just you & your child with no other family. thanks for your time and even if i dont receive help i wish everyone a happy holiday season signed a single mother praying for her prayers to be answered for her little girl thanks for taking time to read my story..
 Krystal J  MASSACHUSETTS – Somerville area: my name is krystal im a single mother 2 my son is 3 and my daugther is 1 month. bc of my head injry i can not work and on welfare and cant give my famliy a good christmas is there a christmas angel near cambridge ma that can give my kids a christmas.  my son wants toy story toys(buzz)size 6 in clothes and size 12 in shoes my daughter size 3 to 6 months and we need a tree   thank you
 Tammy  MASSACHUSETTS – Norton area:Not sure if this is where I would post, but I am doing my best to be strong during this holiday season. I have recently moved to Massachusetts from Maine to help my best friend and her daughter. My BF’s husband had been wrongfully taken from their home and he was the only money maker in the family due to their daughters disability that needs her mother around her 24 hours a day. Not only do they have very little money right now, they are trying to afford a lawyer to get him home for the holidays.I personally know that she will not ask for help. She has never had to ask for anything before as they had been able to afford things, but now that her husband is gone, she doesnt know what to do. I moved down here for her and her daughter to give them mostly moral and mental support as I live off of very limited funds and I have a child myself. Does anyone know of any places that would help my best friend and her kids out over the holidays? Would there be a place that would help me since I am out of state? I usually get help from my local places, but since I am not there (and wont be back there until her husband is back home), I am in need. I have a 4 year old girl and she has a 9 year old girl.Please let me know if you know of any places that could possibly help us.
 Michelle  MASSACHUSETTS – Boston area: Hi, I am a married mom with 3 Beautiful girls. Their ages are 4 months old, five years old & my oldest is almost 18. My husbands been out of work for a while because I have health problems. He was on Family medical Act leave (without pay) I had a really tough pregnancy with our 4 month old. she was born premature because of my gynecological problems. I also have other health issues. She & my other 2 girls are healthy, Thank god!:) We are a low income family, well at the moment, no income & live in housing. With Christmas right around the corner & me stil not doing well, we’re praying for a little help this Christmas.
 Lori  MASSACHUSETTS – Westminster area:hello, i am a mom with 2 teenagers, we live in massachusetts, i am on an income of $490 a month, and in need of christmas help for my 2 kids. the local places that help only help kids up to age 12, and my son is 13, and my daughter is 15, if someone could be their christmas angel, i would truly appreciate it!my daughter likes fashion scarfs, womens perfumes, small earrings, juniors skinny jeans size 5, black eyeliner, makeup and body sprays.  my son likes mens colognes, body sprays, mens sweatpants size x-large, and used ps3 games, any rating is fine

Free Christmas Tree Offer: Chicago

families need help christmas 2015

Recycle Your Christmas Tree: Donate

It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas, especially when a free Christmas tree offer comes your way. Last year several families in need of Christmas help were able to be matched on with other familes who wanted to recycle their Christmas tree by donating it. I can’t think of a better way to recycle Christmas trees…can you?

Free Christmas Tree Offer

I currently have a reader who wants to recycle her 7 1/2 ft Christmas tree and lights by donating it to a single mom in the far western suburbs of Chicago. Here’s what she wrote to me a few days ago:

I just came across this website and hope that this service is still available. I have a 7 1/2′ artificial tree with lights. It is an older tree and may not have many more Christmas’ left in it but it is a big beautiful tree. I’ve enjoyed many years with this tree. It was a gift to me from someone who knew that as a single mom, I would never be able to afford a tree any other way. I would love to see it go to another single mom in need. I also have many spare sets of lights that just sit in a box each year.

Contact Nana

If you are a single mom in need of a free Christmas tree in or near the far western suburbs of Chicago, please leave your request in the ”leave a comment” box below. You’ll be contacted to make arrangements for the Christmas tree exchange. In the case of more than one single mom requesting the free Christmas tree, the recipient will be randomly chosen.