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To help support grandparents raising grandchildren, we will be introducing you to online support groups. Online support groups are communities where you can connect with other grandparents who understand what you are experiencing. You may be able to help each other with household management and suggestions on how to cope, find services, gain new friends, and more…

Our first online support group for grandparents raising grandchildren is:

On this site, you will find a community dedicated to grandparents raising grandchildren among other groups.  Your grandchildren can even create their own support groups, too.

  • Through Live Chat you will meet other grandparents parenting grandchildren who know what you are going through.
  • You’ll receive help in creating a Plan for Success with personal goals.
  • With a staff of medical and other experienced professionals, you will be able to ask questions and receive informative answers.

Nana joined DailyStrength to learn more about topics I’m interested in, such as interacting with parents and grandparents who have children with learning disabilities. The only information you need to give is your email, user name, and password. There is optional information that you may share for your profile and support groups, but you may complete the registration even if you leave the form blank.

Not only is there a support group for grandparents raising grandchildren, you will find over 500 different groups such as aspergers, discipline, health concerns, and more. You can create your own if you don’t find one that is relevant to you.

Click here for their printable flyer explaining how grandparents raising grandchildren can find caring, coping, and helping support groups on the community website. You may share this flyer with doctors, friends, organizations and family to help spread the word about this very supportive website community.

We’re sure you will enjoy your experience. If you join, please share your comments with NanaFinds visitors.

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