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  1. Tiffany Taylor

    Hi my name is Tiffany and I’m a family of 6 I have 2 girls and 2 boys. The girls age or 14,9 & the boys age or 13,12.if there is anybody that can help me out for Christmas I would really appreciate it a hole lot. From me and my kids the 14year old girl weres size 13 or 14 in pants -size shoe is 2 or 3.and the 9 year old is size close9 10 and shoe is 3 1/2.and the 2 boys or size 14 & 15 and shoes or size 7 in boys if there’s anybody that could help that would be a wish come true for me and my Kids thank U.and god Bless U..from Rivera-Taylor Family…
    ip address: Sacramento, California

  2. Suzanne Fisher-Young

    I really need christmas help. We would appreciate any help.
    ip address: Neptune City, New Jersey

    • Nana

      Suzanne, Please submit more information, location, needs, sizes, etc. I will post your request in hope that someone will offer to help you.

  3. linda

    I need help my car broke down I’m on ssi I have no money for my 3 kids and 3 grandkids for Christmas Linda

  4. Michelle

    Please help! I have a nine year old with a disability, need toys and clothes in Stockton, Ca.

    • Nana

      Michelle, please provide more information as to sizes, wants, and needs.

  5. Frances Buckner

    I need help to buy Christmas gifts for my family. that includes grandchildren, neice, nephew, mom, sister, brother, any thing you can do to help would be nice. praise GOD for people that help others.

    • Nana

      Frances, I can only post your request and hope that someone finds it on I will be happy to try to help you in that way. What I need from you is ages, sizes, and reasonable requests – nothing large or costly. It is difficult to find donors, especially for large families. I can’t guarantee that someone will offer to help. If someone does, I will email you to let you know and then send your email to the donor. At that point it is strictly between you and the donor to take it from there.

  6. Ann Leonard

    I hope and pray that everyone receives all the help their requesting that their asking for this xmas season, I know how important that it is when your looking for this kinda help and I pray everyone receives this God bless you

    • Ann Leonard

      have a merry Christmas and many more to come…I wish the best for your families

  7. Maria

    I looking for help I am a single mother of 4, I lost my job 3 weeks ago and I don’t haven’t fund a new one,I now God have something for me out there, I need help for this coming holidays I am getting depress cause I don’t have much to fed my children and I know they deserve a nice and delicious Christmas eve dinner like I try to do every year, my kids are in need for hats scarfs and winter glove too… Any help please contact me… I am sure God will provide for all of as. Thanks in advance and god bless you always! :’(

    • Maria

      My children are boy 14, boy 11,boy 10 and girl 7

  8. tiffany

    Need help with food and shoes for my 5 kids please any one. Thank you

  9. wayne steinmacher

    please someone help me with gas money or a card so i can make it to my new job i got its all the way in sharon and i only get paid every 2 weeks i need a gift card or something anything so that i dont loose my job please send me an angle god.

  10. crystal steinmacher

    please help

  11. michaela woods

    I dont really know how to start this. I’m looking for help for christmas for my kids. We live in indianapolis indiana in marion county. There are six of us and we were forced to move out this year by DCS. My kids have had a hard year we lived in a hotel for six months and now we are struggling to pay bills and rent in our new home. I have a 1 yr old who will be 2 in January named Gweneviere. My son Alexander is 5 with ADHD and hes having a hard time adjusting to school. My brother Jordan is 12 and he has a lot of problems. We are struggling with everything right now and I just have no where else to turn. We would take gently used items or new. Clothes food toys anything. Alex wants a remote controlled and a helicopter. I would like to get a nice dollhouse and vanity for my daughter Gweneviere or any babies/ barbie dolls :D . Jordans almost a teen and he likes xbox live and racing games for xbox or a gift card to game stop.

  12. Laniece

    I need help this christmas for my child thank you

  13. Ileana

    I need help for my children this christmas

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