Where’s the best place to live?

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I want to move! But where is the best place to live? The weather report tells us to expect another 3 to 6 inches of snow on top of the last two snowfalls we just had within a week of each other! Enough snow already!! Our snowblower’s transmission went on this last snow. We won’t be able to clear a path on our hilly backyard for our small dog, Buddy, but the driveway might be doable.

Between the snow and my posting about doing some home improvements in order to be ready if you want to sell your home this Spring, we are seriously thinking about moving somewhere else…away from SNOW!  Our son suggested we rent out our home and buy a townhouse in a more desirable location.  He said we could hire a property management company such as Glendale property management he saw advertised.

Where are the best places to live?

My response was that before I consider renting or selling, I’d need to know where I’d want to live. So where would I want to move to? That’s a big question that needs researching, and the Internet is a great resource. In my opinion, here are some of the top places to live:

Chico, CA:  Low crime rate; high/low January temperature is 60/40; 2008 Unemployment Rate 8.4%; Average home price $239,000

Peoria, AZ:  Low crime rate; high/low January temperature 60/34; 2008 Unemployment Rate 4.8%; Average home price $168,000

Sun City, AZ:  Low crime rate; high/low January temperature 59/35; 2008 Unemployment Rate 4.8%;  Average home price $130,000

Vacaville, CA:  Low crime rate; high/low January temperature 56/36; 2008 Unemployment Rate 6.9%; Average home price $210,000

How did I pick these best places to live?

My main criteria was low crime, then mild winter weather, affordable housing (compared to NJ’s prices), and an unemployment rate lower than the nation’s average of 10%.

There are so many great places to live. Everyone has their favorite city to visit and their ideal city for settling down and living. Where is your favorite place to live?

Now, if I can only convince my children to move with us….

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