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6 thoughts on “Privacy Policy

  1. meagan

    TtMy name is Meagan. I am a single mother from Marlborough MA. I have 2 little girls ages 8 And 12. My youngest daughter was hospitakized for over a month this past summer and requires some ongoing medical care. She was also diagnosed with Autism. I do work, But due to the care she requires I have had to take a leave of absence from from college classes and cut down my work hours drastically. I have no financial means to provide gifts thisbyear for Christmas. I would be exremely grateful for any help at all. My girls would honestly be happy to receive books, crafts, dolls or toys, clothes or shoes….really anything. We would not mind receiving used items that have been gently used. My youngest daughter would really benefit from therapuetic items geared towards sensory and tactile stimulation and learning. The clothing sizes are 8 for my oldest pants/shirts and she wears a size 3 shoe. My older daughter wears size 14 girls pants or shirts. She has a size 8 in womans shoes. I TRULY APPRECIATE anything that can be done for us and please know that this is difficult for me to even request. I promise that someday I will happily pay it forward to someone else in need!

  2. Katherine Martinez

    I am writing for a neighbor. I feel helpless in this time of Christmas because he and his family were(I assure evicted) from there home and have had their belongings in the yard for the past three days. As many of us put up our lights and come in and out of our homes with gifts, he and his wife have had a Uhaul outside their home and the rest of their family furniture just out on the lawn. They have 4 children and during this time when families come together, they load up their belongings at night. This has gone on for 2days and today it rained. I feel awful for them. They are very quiet and keep to themselves, however I am aware that they have no family in San Antonio. My family and I have extended our home and assistance with their move, but they are most embarrassed and declined. It has been mentioned in passing previously that his wife is very ill and with the kids in school right now, I was hoping someone could give me some direction to assist at least the kids with a good Christmas. If you know of an organization or community church that helps with situations like these, please let me know. I am a single mother of three and work for a non-profit organization. I work with special needs, but do not have any contacts for situations like these. I ask for a Christmas wish not for me, but for my neighbors, whom I don’t even know very well, but am trying to seek help for at least the children.

  3. Jacqueline F

    GEORGIA: Hello, my name is Jacqueline, I am a single ,disabled mom in Riverdale Ga.with 3 young children 2 of which have special needs which requires a lot of extra expense for special services that insurance doesn’t pay for like renting Ipads for my Autistic son who does his work better using technology. a 5yr.old girl, 8 yr old boy an 9 yr old boy. Their dad has always been a great provider but has within the last 3 months be dislocated from his work. We are usually the ones on the giving end, however, that is not the case at this time. Unfortunately, we didn’t know about the upcoming lay off sooner. Christmas is soon approaching and have been unable to get anything for the kids as of yet.
    I am not picky and would appreciate any assistance. What I receive from disability is just enough to make it through the month for our needs with still some to be desired. I must say that i am Grateful to God, that we at least have a roof over our heads and food on the table. If there is someone out there willing to assist us , We’d be truly appreciative! Thanx in advance!

  4. S.Hester


    Here is a gift suggestion list:

    Thank You very much! Clothes 7/8 pants and shirts shoes 1 1\2 Cd player, Drums, A baby doll ,remote control car

  5. shanell w

    CALIFORNIA – Los Angeles: have 5 kids ages 1,4,6,8, and 14 i am asking for help this chrismas for my kids i a single mom and i loss my job and its hard for me all i have gos to rent and bills im trying to get by and im asking for help please help me

  6. michelle

    I have five children,and my husband is not working, i dont know how im going to get through christmas, mr mortgage takes all my money, i would be so grateful if i could get some help,

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