Teaching Children to Tell Time with an Analog Clock

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Learning to tell time using an analog clock helps promote a better understanding of number concepts. It is usually introduced at the end of first grade and re-introduced at the beginning of second grade. Are your grandchildren having difficulty learning to tell time using an analog clock? Are you wondering how you can help them learn to tell analog time?

When our children learned to tell time, analog clocks were the only clocks around; they were everywhere. Today, our grandchildren see digital clocks much more often than analog clocks. Digital time is found on computers, TVs, microwaves, stoves, radios, car dashboards, and cell phones.

Being exposed to digital time poses a problem for learning analog time if parents and grandparents aren’t using both types of clocks. It makes teaching more difficult for their teachers, too. But grandparents can help grandchildren learn how to tell time and have fun, too.

Teaching time can be fun if the lesson is presented with the child’s interests in mind. Children learn the best when lessons are created around what they know and like the most. Get their attention, make it fun, and the learning will fall into place…sometimes longer than other times, but it will happen. Just have patience and stop when you get the first hint of frustration for either of you. Use positive reinforcement for participating and lots of positve praise.

Judy Clocks

are excellent clocks for kids to use since the hour hand moves when the minute hand goes around, just like the real thing. Teaching time can be tricky and frustrating at times, even for teachers. But with hands-on Judy Clock activities that are fun, the concept will stick. Plan to spend some “time” each day having a fun time learning to tell time with an analog clock.

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