Free Printables: Telling Time Worksheets

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Learning to tell time is a difficult concept for young learners. Learning to tell time should be a family judyclock-125x125activity that can be fun wherever you go with your children. The concept of time is difficult in itself. It helps if you first start by referring to events or activities in relation to what is going on during your child’s day. Examples are after nap time, after lunch, before we eat dinner, when the lights go on, etc. You could say, “In the morning we eat breakfast. After we eat breakfast, you will go to school. In the afternoon, you will come home.” “I will be back to pick you up after snack time.” (Be sure you are there when you say you will be.) Later you can state these statements including the time. “In the morning we eat breakfast at eight o’clock. After breakfast, you will go to school at nine o’clock.” Gradually building on the concept of time will allow learning how to tell time to be accomplished in a relaxed and natural environment.

Below, you’ll find links to some of the best printable worksheets to help you help your young ones in the process of  learning to tell time.

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