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Save with Sale Items and Promotional Codes at the Crayola Store Online…

Just like any good grandmother, I had to visit the Crayola Online Store. The first thing I went to was at the very bottom of the list of categories…Sale Items, of course.

Crayola Color Wonder Spray

Crayola Color Wonder Spray

What Nana found were some good Crayola products on sale!

Are there days when you wish you had something easily available for your grandchildren to do?  I remember those long, rainy days when the kids aren’t happy with the too many toys they have in their rooms.  Remember your kids telling you, “There’s nothing to do” with a long, sad face?

Well, my daughter, the pre-school teacher, showed me this site when she stopped by to pick up the grandkids today.  The colorful, fun and safe website is! It truly is colorful!

Let me give you a quick tour of, to save you time…

  • First of all, Crayola has over 1000 free coloring pages for you to print for your grandchildren - that’s almost 3 a day for 1 year! There are special occasion themed pages, learning pages, craft pages, and activity pages to color. Besides being able to print and color the free pages with crayons or markers, your grandchildren can also color some of them online, too. Under “celebrate”, your grandchildren can learn new “colorful” jokes to tell their friends while having fun coloring the pages.
  • Another reason I like this site, is the free craft ideas section. Today’s craft for your grandchild is how to make a simple Week’s Chore Chart to be used over and over again. Teach the grandkids to be organized early on and it will make your life a bit easier…which means less stress! Also, they won’t be able to use the excuses, “I didn’t know…” or “I didn’t remember…” Picture symbols can be used in place of words for the younger grandchildren.
  • There are also 11 free games to play online.
  • Grandchildren can also make free everyday or special occasion cards with Crayola’s Card Creator.  Do you know that Aug. 26 is National Dog Day?  I’ll get the grandkids to make our little Buddy a card and we’ll give him a little party with “doggie” treats and games for all.
  • With a free registration, grandparents can print colorful reward certificates for grandchildren’s special achievements.
  • And for when the sun does shine, there is a game library with 21 outdoor games for your grandchildren to play. There are children’s games for 1 player or more such as disc golf and bean bag toss. If you have more than one grandchild or their friends are over, they can play games together such as broom hockey, mazes, and scavenger hung. Why not take some time out for fun and join them? It keeps us young!
  • offers free tips for parents and free creative ideas for teachers. When visiting a learning website, take time to read the “teacher” section for added activities and teaching tips. They are very useful for grandparents interacting with their grandchildren, too! Crayola promotes family togetherness.
  • Click on the CreativeTV graphic link to view free craft idea videos and learn more about some of their colorful, safe fun products.
  • One last thing, visit the Support section to find Stain Tips!  Print the page…it’s always handy to have.
Grandma, here’s a colorful riddle to ask your grandchildren:  What color is the wind?  Blue (blew)

Nana finds…

It’s often the simplest, least expensive things that allow our grandchildren to be happily creative, isn’t it?

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