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How is your young grandchild doing in math? Is your grandchild having difficulty in grasping the concept of telling analog time? I’ve searched the web to save you time looking for interactive web sites for online math games that teach how to tell analog time. You’ll find links to four  six online games below the poem, “The Clock.”

Here are a couple of activities grandparents can do to help your grandchild learn how to tell analog time:

  • To help your child or grandchild learn how to tell analog time, place an analog clock next to a digital clock where your young grandchild will easily be able to read them – at their eye level. For their bedroom, purchase one of each in their favorite character theme to help attract their attention.
  • Using large index cards, draw an analog clock on as many as you want…each one having the hands drawn at a different time. On another set of index cards, write the matching digital times.
  • For beginning learners, draw the hands of one clock the same color as the matching digital time – you will not only be matching time, but colors too. For a visual learner, this may help with recall.
  • When you feel it is time to increase the challenge, draw the clock in black and the hands in red. Write the digital time in red, also.
  • You can play a Matching Game with all cards face up, or you can turn them over and play Concentration for a higher level game.
  • The Clock

    There’s a neat little clock,–
    In the schoolroom it stands,–
    And it points to the time
    With its two little hands.

    And may we, like the clock,
    Keep a face clean and bright,
    With hands ever ready
    To do what is right.

    ~ Mother Goose ~

    Learn to Tell Time with These Games

    Move the Hands What Time is It?
    Tick Tock Clock Time Works
    Stop the Clock Match the Clocks
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