Home Improvement: Decorating a Bedroom on a Budget

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Out with the old and in with the new? Not so much in this economy with home improvement. My theme for 2010, Nana finds ways to save.  Home improvement doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. I’ve been asking myself how can I refresh the look of our bedroom without spending a lot of money this year? It’s a challenge, but that just adds more fun to our next home improvement project.

I’ve come up with 8 bedroom decorating ideas that will give a new look and feel to our bedroom and save a lot of money too…

1. Every summer we install a window air conditioner unit in one of our bedroom windows so we don’t have to run the central air system during the night. There isn’t any need to cool off the other bedrooms, so why run it all night? But, the window air conditioner is not attractive from the outside nor from the inside.  I’m also concerned about my husband’s back since he has to install it by himself, now that we are “older” adults. A more attractive and economical choice is to purchase a portable air conditioning unit. It won’t be seen from the street, nor will it be an eyesore in the bedroom. My husband will be able to avoid straining his back or other injuries, and we can move it to other rooms as we need it, such as our office/sewing room. An added plus is that they are designed to be energy efficient.

2. Changing the bedding ensemble can be costly. In order to save money, I’m going to change only the throw pillows and a couple of the shams with each of the seasons. My husband gave me a new sewing machine as a Christmas present – I’ll make the pillows and shams myself!

3. A well known decorating tip is to add mirrors to the room’s decor. Mirrors can give a sense of more space while making the room cheerier. Our bedroom in the north – east corner which doesn’t give it much light, especially in the winter. I want to design a grouping of square mirrors above the bed which will also create a visual artistic focus when entering the bedroom.

4. I like the drapes I have, so I won’t change them. What I can do is purchase decorative trimmings to make my own tie backs. These can be found in any fabric store.

5. Instead of replacing the lamps, lampshades can be easily replaced.  A fun weekend project will be shopping garage sales and flea markets for the best lamp shade prices. Maybe I’ll find other good things to decorate the bedroom!

6. Painting a whole room can be expensive and time consuming. I’m going to paint the wall behind the bed a color that complements my bedding. On that wall I’ll be hanging the mirrors which will make a more dramatic statement rather than on a beige wall.

7. I enjoy digital photography and have a series of photos I’d like to display on one of the other walls. Decorative frames are often on sale or even clearance. They don’t have to match – a concept which I think makes the photo display more interesting.

8.  Another easy tip for decorating my bedroom that doesn’t cost anything is to take things that I already own and move them around. I’ll be going on a treasure hunt to find interesting items from the attic or other rooms that will give an interesting look grouped together on the night tables.

What are your bedroom decorating ideas? What are your home improvement ways to save?

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