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Winter is definitely here…with two feet of snow outside and more coming, it’s easy to tell. Joking aside, the upside of it all is that as each cold day passes we are getting closer to Spring. With Spring comes increased activity in the housing market. It is the ideal time of the year to begin marketing your home if you wish to sell. With all the talk of the economy slowly improving, the housing market is also expected to improve.

Winter is the best time to begin preparing your home for marketing to potential buyers by starting with indoor home improvements and renovations. You want your house to be as ready as you can so when the pleasant Spring weather arrives, you can work on improving your home’s curb appeal.

My son’s father-in-law wanted to sell his house before winter came this past year. His house needed many home improvements to bring it up to a competitive level. He didn’t have much of a window of time so he researched emergency cash loans to cover most of the costs, knowing he’d get it back and more in the sale price. He was able to get a loan which resulted in making the necessary home improvements.

Before anyone was hired, the family uncluttered the home. My husband and son power washed the house and deck. The above ground pool and old swing set were removed for free by someone who wanted the metal. A trustworthy landscaper was hired to update the landscaping. He was able to give them some money saving ideas on ways they could improve the landscape themselves. My son and his wife cut out overgrown growth that he suggested they remove, fertilized the lawn, planted fall flowers, and treated the walkway, patio, and driveway for weed control. I was able to help by weeding the flower beds. The landscaper did the rest by edging, mulching, and filling in the pool area.

After getting estimates and checking references, my son hired contractors to upgrade the kitchen by replacing cabinets, sink, and appliances. Painters came in and repainted all the rooms for a fresh look. Flooring contractors refinished the hardwood floors. All fixtures were updated and a new washer and dryer were installed along with a new water heater. A cleaning service was hired to clean the house from top to bottom.

The hard work paid off. Our son’s father-in-law sold his home for a great price in just 6 weeks during a time when the market had slowed down tremendously!

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