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I continue to hold tight to my belief that out of the bad comes some good. Out of 911 and Hurricane Katrina has come some good…the concept and realization of


Wish Upon A Hero

There is a website I want you to visit. It is Wish Upon a Hero is better than any other networking site I’ve come across. This site is dedicated to connecting people who are in need with those who are able to fullfill those wishes.  The site was founded by a New Jersey marketing executive because of the needs exhibited after 911 and Hurricane Katrina. 

The mostly anonymous hero members who have joined helped find siblings, matched people who have items to exchange, found or provided medical care for those without insurance, provided transportation to much needed services, clothing for out of work families…and the list goes on. There are no wishes too big or too small. Small wishes that have been granted, as you’ll see when you visit the site, are postage stamps, stickers, birthday cards on a birthday, books, Pepsi Codes…and so on.  As you can see, there are wishes waiting to be granted that are very doable!

By helping others, we also help ourselves.

The good samaritan website draws in more than 40,000 users a month and has spawned weekly local radio and internet television shows. Chapters can be found as far away as Austrailia. A nonprofit foundation has recently been formed to help solicit money to grant large wishes. 

If you want to help one person with one small wish, this is a good opportunity to introduce your children or grandchildren to community service. Organizations can help with many or larger wishes. Please visit and read through the requests. If you are a teacher, as I am, get your students involved as part of your curriculum.  Our Career Education Class earns money to help people in need through their small business activities.  The ties to Civics, Economics, Character, Career, Science, and Consumer Education are endless.

*Wish Upon A Hero items can be purchased through  Purchases help support the Wish Upon A Hero Foundation.

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