Where Can I Find Christmas Help | A Plea from a Mother in Need

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Dear Friends,

Tonight I received the following plea for Christmas help from a very frustrated mother. I don’t have any answers for her. I’m hoping other mothers in the same situation, or people involved with organizations that do help, might have answers for her.

hi everyone…i do not qualify for christmas help thru the salvation army because im not in the military. i dont qualify for help thru the angel tree because im not a convicted felon. i’ve never been in jail or even in trouble with the law. i dont qualify thru trust because im not in an abusive relationship. so where does someone like me who has a lot of kids and living on disability go for help? every place i go to says no because of “something” i dont qualify for. where does everyone else go? thank you for any answers u can give me. :O)

This concerned mother is located in Virginia, but I’m sure there are other mothers in need of Christmas help throughout the 50 states who are also being turned away. If you can offer any help, please share your experiences below so that others may learn, too.

Thank you,


PSĀ  Try these sites:

If anyone knows of other websites where families in need might find help for Christmas, please include that in a comment below.

I’m giving it another try. Go to the New Help Forum Page. Click on this link.

To all of you who are seeking help for your family,

I have closed comments. Unfortunately, the few “donors” who responded with offers to help turned out to be deceitful. It breaks my heart to read all the requests for Christmas help and to find that so few are willing to donate. And it makes my blood boil knowing now that there are people who don’t mind adding to your heartbreak by playing a sick joke by offering help and then not responding. I am truly sorry I couldn’t help any of you.


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35 thoughts on “Where Can I Find Christmas Help | A Plea from a Mother in Need

  1. Kristi

    My name is Kristi I am a single parent to five wonderful kids. I have been out of work since august and due to situations beyond my control I am having trouble finding work bills are stacking up and there are no presents under my tree this year. I only have a sitter 6 am to 6 pm and I have no one to help with the weekends. No one will even give me a chance as I can’t work on the weekends. I know times are tough for everyone. I am asking for a miricle? I have 3 boys 12,10, and 7 and 2 girls 11 and 8. We came from a very abusive home and are trying to put everything back together again. I am not asking for anything in perticular because at this point anything would be nice. I am looking at loosing the house our truck and I have no where to go. God bless you and thank you.

  2. Emily

    These stories have touched my heart and I’ve said a prayer for the peoople involved. Try asking for assistance from a local church. Many churches will gladly help, no questions asked or qualifications needed.

  3. Caitie

    I know it is 2 weeks before Christmas but I have been looking for my own way to no avail. I am a single mother of a 7 year old girl who lives in the Houston Tx area. I have been unemployed since August and have been trying so hard to find a job. I missed deadlines for toy drives because I have never needed help like this before and was not aware that the deadlines were in October and November. I am not asking for money or anything like that. Just a couple of gifts for by princess because I want to keep the miracle of Santa Claus going. Thank you so much!!!

  4. carmon murphey

    hi folks…well here is how things are going as of now. my youngest child’s school helped me out with clothes for christmas. they got my son an outfit and a hat and gloves set. i also got a 10 dollar gift card to kroger. my clinition was able to help me w/ a few stocking stuffers, stickers, candy, hairbows, pencils, bubbles, things like that. my teenagers got some jeans and purfume. This may not seem like a lot to many people but to me, its like the world. my clinition helped me in getting my eletric bill payment lowered but it wont take effect until january. Anything, no matter how big or small helps me out so much. I believe my cliniton has changed my life for the better. Before i started seeing her in March, i felt alone, depressed, and overwheled. We have so many of the same interests. She is an animal lover like i am. I am still going to try to find some bargains in january for a couple of toys and maybe some socks and books. A neighbor gave me a small table top christmas tree. It’s kinda cute. It’s purple–my favorite color ;o) a man who was having a yard sale actually gave me a box of christmas cards. most of my family live in different states so we can send them some cards. I want to do something special for my clinition. I know that she likes butterflies and her favorite colors are brown and blue. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you, nana, for taking the time to read mine and all of these other people’s posts. Hope all of you have a nice night!
    carmon murphey, vinton virginia

  5. well i have searched for help every where and cant find any i have four kids and nothing to give them for cristmas no money and no family to help me i have tryed to sell stuff and every thang i ca thank of i dont know what else to do all i can thank of is every time my kids are bad i tell them if u dont be good santa wont come and now i feel like they will thank they have been bad cause santa never came omg what a life please please please if there is anyone who can help my kids for cristmas i would even work for u do anythang thank u trisha

  6. First off i want to start off by telling everyone merry christmas and a happy new years. I have a friend that is a single mother and has a son she is disabled and has a limited income. Her son will not have christmas cause she cant afford it. She lives in bogalusa la if someone can help us please email me. I have got a few things but i have 3 kids of my own. Her son is in need of clothes and shoes he really dont care if he gets toys this is one child that is happy if he gets just clothes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone can help please contact me.

    thanks in advance

  7. Mother of Zarayla

    Hi everyone I know I am really late, But I can really use some help getting my 2 year old daughter something, anything for christmas…. We moved around alot in the past year. Also I have not found work yet, but she is too young to understand that there will not be a christmas this year…. With much apprecation please contact me

    Lot of Love, God Bless
    Zarayla’s Mother

  8. hello I a single mom 4 girls 2 are foster girls who I consider my own.I love them just the same as I love my 2 bio-gals…I lost my job and my edd benefits are up in the air. and xmas is not looking so bright for the girls this year…I am a grown up and will be just fine,However I dont want my girls to suffer this Xmas…if there is a family that could lend a blessing hand for my girls I would be so thankful..

  9. Michelle

    Hi my name is Michelle and I live in Tucson, AZ with my three kids and my new fience. We have just moved here and have not been able to find jobs and we have contacted all local agencies for help. All the agencies keep tell us is that “they can’t help us on less we have an income”. I don’t know what to do anymore! I just need a little help for the holidays with getting through them. If anyone has any idea’s or any help please let us know.

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