Toys for Tots: Christmas Toys for Low-Income Children

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The US Marine Corp conducts the Toys for Tots campaign every year during the fall. The new, unwrapped toys collected are distributed to families or charitable organizations at Christmas time to bring joy to young children who may not otherwise receive gifts.

Each state is divided into local community organizations. By visiting the Toys for Tots website (link below), parents can find their local organization and directions on how to receive toys for your children at Christmas time.

I searched for two locations in New Jersey. They each had different directions to follow for receiving free Christmas gifts for children. Directions for one location by following these steps:

First, visit the Toys for Tots website.

  • Next, Click on the Tab “Request Toys” at the top
  • Select your state
  • Select a location
  • Click on “Request Toys” tab again – a contact person and phone number will appear at the top

The directions I found for the first location on how to obtain toys for children were:

  • Click the name of the local Toys for Tots Coordinator ( An email message will appear)
  • Type your request on the email message (Include your mailing address, phone number and FAX number)
  • Click send (the message will go to your local Toys for Tots Coordinator)

In searching for another New Jersey location, I found a different direction:

  • All toys collected are turned over to the United Way, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Visiting Nurses Assoc., and the PRAC Agency.  To get toys you must apply and be eligible through their organizations.  We do not deal directly with individual families.

Since directions for requesting toys from Toys for Tots vary, it is in your best interest if you follow through with this search for your location and directions as soon as possible. If you wait too long, you may not be able to apply for free Christmas assistance for your kids to receive Christmas gifts this year.

To all of you who are seeking help for your family,

I have closed comments. Unfortunately, the few “donors” who responded with offers to help turned out to be deceitful. It breaks my heart to read all the requests for Christmas help and to find that so few are willing to donate. And it makes my blood boil knowing now that there are people who don’t mind adding to your heartbreak by playing a sick joke by offering help and then not responding. I am truly sorry I couldn’t help any of you.


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58 thoughts on “Toys for Tots: Christmas Toys for Low-Income Children

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  2. diana

    im a single mom of two disabled girls age 3 and 4.and a son age 8. we were in a shelter do to me not being able to work cause of my girls disabilities. i have had little jobs that i have to quit do to the girls not being able to handle daycares or the daycares not being able to handle them. we were in a local shelter that asked us to leave. my girls were not able to handle the requirements i had to do. even thou i tried. im a hard worker and dont ever let my girls disabilities stop me from trying. since we had to move i got an apartment with an old friend. at the shelter they had a christmas program that we were going to be part of but since having to move we aRE NO LONGER on the list and im am to late for the toys for tots and other christmas programs. does anyone have ideas of places that are taking families still in fort wayune indiana after dec 12. thanks please feel free to email me with ideas.

  3. vanessa

    i would love for my cousin to get gifts . my baby girl cousin wants a barbie and the other one wants a chair,. i would like for my baby boy cousin to get something os iron man because that his faorite thing and right now my cosin cant buy them anything. please help us out really bad please please please. happy holdays

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