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There are charitable agencies and organizations who, with the assistance of donations and volunteer support, help make the holidays a little merry for families who are experiencing troubled times. In order to help families in need, the agencies and organizations need to know how many families will be receiving aide in the way of food, holiday meals, and presents for their children. For the holiday gift giving, ages and names of the children are also needed so they can attempt to provide presents that will put a smile on each child’s face.

If you are a family, or single person, in need of holiday assistance please contact your local charities as soon as possible. Ask them if they provide holiday assistance and if so, what are their requirements and deadlines. If you wait too long, you may not be able to sign up. Remember they depend on the kindness of others for donations of food, gifts, and money. In a time when so many people are not as well off as they were in the past, the charities may be receiving less than they had in the past as well.

If you are a family, or single person, who is in a position to help the charities provide holiday assistance, please contact the charities as soon as possible to find out how you can help families in need this year.

Posts below will lead you to some of the charities who provide holiday assistance:

To all of you who are seeking help for your family,

I have closed comments. Unfortunately, the few “donors” who responded with offers to help turned out to be deceitful. It breaks my heart to read all the requests for Christmas help and to find that so few are willing to donate. And it makes my blood boil knowing now that there are people who don’t mind adding to your heartbreak by playing a sick joke by offering help and then not responding. I am truly sorry I couldn’t help any of you.


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  1. nellie oglesby


  2. Sherrill

    I would like to add I live in Cincinnati,Ohio (Mother of two)

  3. Sherrill

    Hello I was wondering if thiers any one who can help me with Christmas items for my kids. Im a single parent of two, I have a seven year old boy and a three year old girl. I love them so much and want them to have a great Christmas this year. My kids are not picky, but really thankful. So if theirs anyone who can help us we would truly thank you.

  4. am hoping that we have a good Christmas for my boys one is named miguel he 4 years old and my other one is elijah he 16 months old.I want them to be happy for Christmas MorningEvery year we cant afford gifts for them are get them the ones they want and i feel very bad. We are a VERY low income family and every year I struggle to make them happy around the holidays and this year money problems really put a toll on us.. I wish i can provide more for my kids especially around the holidays. Im a stay at home mom and my husband only works but he doesn’t bring enought money home…He barely can pay all the bills. I wish i can work but we can afford child care. It would be nice if they could get any kind of present for christmas my oldest wanted a game system but i could never affored it for him maybe one day he will get one. I just want to see a smile on there face then i will be relieved. So if anyone can help in any way that will be a blessing like sending christmas card to my son he loves checking the mail. Thanks so much

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