New Jersey Families Need Your Help

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New Jersey Families Need Your Help

nj families need your helpThe desire for Christmas help is about all New Jersey families in need can think of right now. The economy wasn’t good before Hurricane Sandy hit our shores…and now it is worse. Because of a poor economy, workers have been laid off. Because of Hurricane Sandy, even more workers have been laid off or hours cut. Even the most motivated of parents are having a difficult time finding employment to supplement that which they have lost. If they are fortunate to find a second job, they are losing quality family time with their children.

Here it is, Christmas time and what are parents to do? Parents and even grandparents, friends, and children are reaching out for any help they can possibly find. They are hoping for an angel to reach out to them in response to their Christmas wishes for their young children, grandchildren, and siblings.

Many families who are displaced because of Hurricane Sandy are receiving some Christmas help through community efforts to collect toys and other gifts for the children. But, not everyone qualifies for that help. And, not everyone qualifies for Toys for Tots or the Salvation Army assistance…perhaps they make just a little too much or the children are just a little too old. To top it all, by now deadlines have passed for many charitable organizations’ registration period.

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Help a Brick, NJ Family

Today, I received a plea for help from a caring young lady for her boyfriend’s family to help his mother provide Christmas for his two younger siblings. I’ve posted her request below. If you wish to help, please leave a comment which will come to my email. I will contact the young lady and then it will be between you two to make arrangements for gift giving. When I receive more information as to the family’s wants and needs, I will add it to this post.

Hello, my boyfriend and his family are having very hard times this holiday season. His parents just divorced and they are a low income family. His mother works two jobs but still doesn’t even have enough money to pay the bills. My boyfriend (18) and his little brother and sister (14 and 11) won’t be receiving any presents for Christmas this year. My boyfriend is going to Community College and working trying to help his mom support his family, but they can’t seem to make ends meet. I’ve been doing anything I can for them, but there’s only so much I can give. If anyone could help them out it would be greatly appreciated. They’re such a loving and caring family and they deserve to have a good Christmas this year. They live in Brick, NJ…please reach out and help :)   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

I encourage my New Jersey neighbors to please reach out to this family and others like them during this Christmas season and those that follow.

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Looking for NJ Charitable Organizations to Help

I’ve been fortunate to have charitable organizations in several other states contact me asking for me to refer “my families” to them so they may be able to help them. The best gift I could receive is to have charitable organizations in my own state to do the same. I know they are out there! I hope in time, we will find each other.

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2 thoughts on “New Jersey Families Need Your Help

  1. Michelle

    I know a single father with three children from Collingswood that desperately needs help. He was recently hospitalized and we are hoping the doctors say he can go home by Christmas. My family is helping with some money, food and babysitting but we only have so much we can give. It’s so sad to see this happen to someone that is such a good father and hard worker. If any one can help at all, please contact me and I can give more info. It would be an answer to my prayers.

  2. tara hughes

    My 3 kids need your help…im new to all this,i had posted a wish prior to get help with our housing .. i wont be able to do anything for them this year for under the tree…I am disabled and my husband has been laid off and unemployment interview is not till after the new year….they are good kids and don’t deserve this ,,,,,we have had a terrible year .no donation is to small a holiday card would be GREAT.. we would be grateful for anything seeing how we have absolutely nothing for them and there seems to be no hope of being able to get them anything…….i have 2 girls 12 &13 and a 16 year old boy,,,,,,it breaks my heart to know they may not have anything on Christmas morning especially knowing how good hearted they are…….any advice or help would be deeply appreciated and we would be eternally grateful more than words could ever express..just a card would be great i just dont want them to lose the meaning of Christmas.

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