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Time is moving forward towards Christmas Adopt A Family deadlines set by charitable 501(c)(3) organizations such as the sampling below. By adopting a family in need through a non-profit charitable ogranization, you can safely donate and be confident you will make a family’s Christmas much merrier than it would be without your generosity.

Adopting a family in need teaches children the spirit of Christmas and helps them focus on the needs of others, rather than just what they will be finding under their tree. Donations are also accepted from groups wishing to pool together their funds. Average wish list donations are approximately $50 per person.

Be sure to check each Adopt A Family program’s deadline for donating gifts. Volunteers need time to collect, organize, and deliver the gifts to their local families in need. If it appears you might have missed their deadline, contact them – they may have some wish lists unfilled. The deadline for giving is always later than the deadline for applying to the Adopt A Family programs. Remember to bookmark their sight for next year’s gift giving.


Salvation Army Adopt A Family Program

The Adopt A Family (AAF) program matches impoverished families with individual or group sponsors to provide for their tangible needs at Christmas. Without the benefit of an adoption, these families would be looking forward to a very grim holiday. Being adopted is designed to be a once or, on very rare occasions, twice in a lifetime event for recipient families.

For more information, visit the Salvation Army’s Adopt-a-Family website.




The Volunteer Center of Sacramento’s Adopt A Family Program provides food and gifts for local, low-income families during the holiday season. Without this program, these families may go without Christmas dinner and gifts for their children to open on Christmas morning.

For more information on how to be an adoptee or adopter, visit the Volunteer Center of Sacramento’s website.



Adopt A Family has helped Delaware families in need since 1973 and is coordinated by the Division of State Service Centers in all three counties. The Adopt A Family program aids families in crisis – those struggling with illness, homelessness, domestic violence, poverty or unemployment.

For more information, visit Delaware Adopt-A-Family website.


ASTOR SERVICES – New York State’s Mid-Hudson Valley region and the Bronx

Astor Services for Children & Families is a community based, non-profit organization that  provides children’s mental health services, child welfare services, and early  childhood development programs.

For more information, visit the Astor Services website.


Volunteers of America – Michigan

Volunteers of America – Michigan helps families in need with an income of no more than 20% over the poverty level for the number of family members. They also have Adopt A Senior program for people in need 65 or older.

For more information, visit the Volunteers of America – Michigan webiste.


Bergen County Volunteer Center

In addition to coordinating the relief efforts of charities, civic organizations and volunteer groups for the thousands of local residents still reeling from the effects of superstorm Sandy, the Bergen County Volunteer Center is also kicking off its annual holiday program–”All Wrapped Up.”

Now in its 15th year, All Wrapped Up is a giving  program that fulfills the holiday wishes of low-income families and people who face the daily hardships of poverty, abuse, neglect and homelessness.

For more information, visit the Bergen County Volunteer Center Adopt-A-Family website.

Monmouth County – Operation Sleighbells/Holiday Giving

Family & Children’s Service’s historic annual holiday gift-giving program, started in 1909 as a way to give area children a brighter holiday season, has grown to provide more than 2,500 children with the gifts of warm clothing, toys and books each year. Families from communities throughout Monmouth County register with Family & Children’s Service to receive much-needed items.

For more information, visit the Operation Sleighbells/Holiday Giving website.

Rutgers Against Hunger

For the fourth straight holiday season, Rutgers Against Hunger will host its annual “Adopt A Family” campaign across the New Brunswick and Newark campuses.  This year, Rutgers Against Hunger will partner with 13 social service and community based organizations with a goal of assisting 220 families in need. In 2011, RAH faculty, staff, students, and alumni helped support 190 families across 15 agencies.

Agencies participating in this year’s campaign include The Apostle’s House, Catholic Charities, Center for Great Expectations, Coordinated Family Care, Greater Brunswick Charter School, Intensive Outpatient Treatment Project, Lord Stirling, Making It Possible to End Homelessness, Multicultural Community Services, Neighborhood House Association, Paul Robeson Community School, Roosevelt School, and Women Aware.

For more information, visit the Rutgers Against Hunger website.


Grace Episcopal Church – Massapequa, New York

Each year, the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) sponsor the Adopt A Family Program for the Christmas holidays. Needy families are screened through Family Consultation Services (FCS) and a list of possible gift ideas are suggested and posted on the Parish Advent tree.  Parish members pick out an ornament with a specific gift and sign for that item on the family poster in the Narthex. In early December the ECW hosts a Wrapping Party in the Parish Hall with most of the parish participating.  With Christmas Carols played by our Minister of Music Richard Whitten echoing through the Hall, the presents are lovingly wrapped and labeled for delivery to the Diocese center in Garden City for distribution in time for the holidays.  Through the generosity of Grace Church parishioners we are usually able to provide gifts for several families in need.

For more information, visit the Grace Episcopal Church website.


The Christmas Adopt A Family Foundation

The Christmas Adopt A Family Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization in Portland, Oregon, that provides assistance to those who would otherwise not have a holiday celebration. They achieve this by connecting people in the community to families in need. Their goal is to adopt at least 100 families this holiday season to provide children with toys, clothing, and other necessities. In addition, they provide the entire family with household essentials and gift certificates for a wonderful holiday meal.

For more information, visit the Christmas Adopt-A-Family website.


Greater Philadelphia Cares Adopt A Family

Give a gift that will make the holidays more bountiful for economically disadvantaged families in our region. Each year, Greater Philadelphia Cares partners with non-profit agencies throughout the region to identify families who can use help during the holidays. The Adopt-A-Family program finds families in need and matches them with caring individuals; those who adopt receive a “wish list”, purchase presents, and deliver the gifts to their adoptive families. The generosity of these compassionate individuals results in a wonderfully warm holiday experience for all involved.

For more information, visit Greater Philadelphia Cares website.


Woonsocket Adopt A Family

The Adopt A Family program applies to Woonsocket families with children ages 0-12.  If this applies to you, pick up an application at Family Resources at 245 Main Street.  Return the completed application to 65 Main Street.  As we approach the 2012 holiday season we are in desperate need of individuals and groups to “adopt” a family and provide 3-4 clothing items, 2-3 toys and a filled stocking for each child. If interested, complete a Donor Reply Card and return it to Adopt A Family via email or mail.

For more information, visit the Woonsocket Adopt-A-Family website.


The above Adopt A Family programs are just a few of the many 501(C)(3) non-profits offering Christmas help to families in need. To find one near you, take the time to do some research entering keywords including your location and try using ”christmas help”, “adopt a family for christmas”, “help for families in need”, etc. 501(c)3 non-profits are safe for giving.

Add a Christmas tree and lights for an even more special gift giving to your adopted family. Happy Holidays!

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12 thoughts on “Adopt A Family | Christmas Help Programs

  1. Mary B

    i live in pemberton new jersey. HI i am a 39 year old women waiting on disability, on public assistance which i live off of $342 a month. I have 2 biological daughters ages 16, and 12 and i also raise a 14 year old boy who mother left him with me and does not help. I try to get little things here and there when i can but i really don’t have the means to get anything the children would want, so any help would be greatly appreciated, sincerely Mary B

  2. arthur miller

    My family would like to get adopted for Christmas,because we were homeless last year so we didn’t get to have christmas nor no we would like help.
    thank you the miller family

    • Nana

      Please post your town and state, ages of children, sizes, and needs and wants…but not expensive or large items. I am not a charity or in a position to personally help. I will post your information. If someone offers to help, then I will email you to verify your email address. Once I hear from you, I will send it to the person who is offering to help. Once that is done, it is up to you and the potential donor to make arrangements. I cannot guarantee anything.

  3. Monica Araiza

    Arizona, Tucson area: Hi My name is Monica Araiza I am a single mother of 3 from Tucson AZ. I have 14 year old twins a boy and a girl and a 2 year old daughter. I know thats its really late, X-mas is only 10 days away. I dont like to ask anyone for anything. Ive always managed to handle whatever lifes thrown my way. I find myself in a situation and cant seem to pull myself up this time. My car died, I got laid off, and now my health is not so good. Ive been looking for work and without a car my search seems to be in vain. My kids are good kids and I just want them to be able to wake up x-mas morning to at least one gift under the tree. All the agencies I have contacted are no longer accepting applications for help and I have no where else to turn. If theres anyone out there who can help theres three very special children who would be ever so grateful for your kindness. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  4. Antonella Haines

    Hi, i’m a single mom of 11 year old boy i live up in Kunkletown PA
    i get no child support and i work for a School District as a teacher Assistant as a Sub and it is very hard to get into the spirit of Christmas, where you can’t buy – my only son gift and a coat for the holyday i really appreciate if any of the organization could help. Thank you

  5. Christine P

    I am a single mother of 3 amazing teenagers. 2 boys 17 and 13 and my princess 14. Our family has been through alot over the past year. We were evicted from our home in Dec 2011 after 15 years. I got laid off and I just could not keep up with all the bills. The only choice I had was to take my children into the shelter system. It was a very diffucult time for my children we spent The holidays in the shelter and I could not afford any gifts for my children. They never complained and stayed so strong. But I know emotionally it took a toll on my children. I found a job pretty fast. I was waiting for a rental assitance program to help me with the rent and to find a place. But during this time my oldest son fell into a deep depression. It broke my heart I knew if i didnt get out it would only get worse. So I decided to find a place with what I had and forget waiting for the program. We moved out of the shelter in Nov 2012 and we have our own apartment. I am working but honestly i live pay check to paycheck. I barely make ends meet. We are in this new apartment but we lost everything so I am slowly replacing it. With the bills and just neccessities. I am not able to provide my children with the Christmas they deserve.. They tell me its ok we have a place to live. But I know that they wish I could give them a christmas. I am asking anyone please find it in your hearts to help me give my children the christmas miracle they deserve. I know there are so many people out there that abuse and take advantage. But as god as my witness all i want is for my children to be happy.. Please anything they lost everything. My children are not expecting anything they will appreciate anything they recieve. I just would like to replace what they lost. With any questions or concerns, Please find it in your hearts to help my children

  6. nellie rosa

    Chicago, Ill: hello my name is nellie i am a single mother of three i also raised a boy since he was 5 so i have 4 children all together. i lost my job lost my home and my unemployment has run out. i was recently diaognose with fybromialgia so keeping a job is very difficult. i am unable to purchase them any gifts. i have two 15 yr olds a 14 yr old and a 7 yr old i live in chicago.

    • Lane L.

      Hi Nellie Rosa. We are interested in sponsoring your family’s Christmas! Could you post your email address or phone number so we can discuss? Or are you using an organization to find a sponsor?


  7. nellie rosa

    Illinois: hello my name is nellie rosa i am a singel mother of three from chicago il i have 3 wonderful children. i lost my job our apartment and my unemployment has run out. i am in desperate need of help for christmas my girl is 15 and my boys are 14 and 7 please anything would be greatly appreciated. thank you aned god bless.

  8. Dean

    I live in Central Ohio and have used Christmas trees that are in excellent condition. Most of the charities around here only accept new. Some of these have only been up once yet they are now used and can’t be donated.

    What is the best way to find a family (preferably with children) who would be happy to receive such a donation?

    Please let me know if you can lead me in the right direction.

    Thank you for all you do!

  9. Jennifer Obrien

    I am a single mother of two in Cincinnati, Ohio 45225, and in desperate need of help with Christmas gifts for them please help, me make them smile on that wonderful morning thanks, anything helps

  10. Meghan Wilt

    I am from sacramento CA, my name is meghan i have no where really to turn for help with my family to enjoy this christmas i am no a singal mom trying very hard to make ends meet i heard about your program i think if i got the right information i hope ireally would appricate any info or even a response of how i could ask for help or be guided in the right direction sinserly appricated Meghan N. Wilt god bless you

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