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families in need request helpOn Nana Finds Ways to Help, over 120 requests for help were received for just Christmas alone. Most of the requests did not include the town or area and state the family in need of help was located. In order for me to try to find a donor, I needed to know that information. Also, it would help if the needs and wants of the children and family were included in the family’s request. These details may help potential donors decide if they would care to donate gifts for the children or needs of the family.

By providing the added information, it will save me a lot of time by not having to check the IP address of the email and also having to contact the family. After awhile, it gets too overwhelming and I cannot dedicate the time needed to give the most help I can in helping to connect families.

Here are some of the requests I recently received which I included in a new post seeking birthday gifts for kids in need. As you can see, important information was not included.

How to Request Help on

To help me attempt to find you the help you need, please in your request include the following in the reply box on the webpage (requests for help won’t be public until I approve it – *street address, phone number, and requests for money will not be made public):

Full name:

Street Address:

Town, State:

Zip Code:

Mailing Address if different:

Phone Number:

Email (to be verified):

Ages, birth dates, and Sex of children:

Needs of each child (include sizes):

Wants of each child:

Family needs:

Up to 200 words describing your situation (I may edit out some if too personal or not needed):

Needs are the necessities such as clothing, school supplies, etc. Wants are toys, games, etc. It is better to not ask for expensive items.

Upon receiving your request for help, I will reply through your email address that was provided.  Requests for help will not be published until that email is responded to which will verify that you can receive my emails should an offer to help be received on your behalf.

One more point: I am not a charity and I do not collect funds on anyone’s behalf. I am not in the position to offer assistance other than attempting to match families in needs with those who wish to help. I cannot verify most of either parties claims or intentions. By accepting the match, you take full responsibility on its outcome. Everyone should consider safety at all times and make that your first priority.

I wish everyone could be matched with a donor, but unfortunately less than 10% of the families in need who request help through find their angels.

May this year be brighter than the last.

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