How to Help Families in Need | Santa Needs Your Help

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families in need of helpSanta Needs Your Help More Than Ever!

I’ve received over 200 requests for help from parents who have lost their jobs. Their priority spending is for the rent or mortgage, food, utilities, insurance, medical bills, and the needs of their children. This is understandably necessary. Most of the parents tell me that they are behind in their payments and are worried about providing Christmas gifts for their children on Christmas morning. Some of the families are already homeless, living with friends or relatives.

I hurt for the parents. They watch as their children excitedly await Santa’s visit, believing he will leave them presents under the Christmas tree, if they have one. They may be old enough to understand their parents can’t afford to buy them gifts themselves – but believe Santa will come through.

I hurt for the children. They’ve been good so they know they have to be on Santa’s “good kids” list – not his “naughty” list. They also know Santa is magical so no child will be forgotten – he can visit all children around the world during their sleeping hours.

You Can Help Santa Help Kids in Need

As I am writing this post, I’m watching the movie, “Fred Clause.” Fred says, “It’s important every child gets a toy…most importantly that they know there is someone out there thinking about them.” Can you imagine how children will feel having sat on Santa’s lap listening to Santa’s promise to deliver the present then waking up Christmas morning thinking they have been forgotten by Santa.

Children need something magical to believe in when times are tough – we all need something to believe in. It’s what keeps us going while waiting for better times.

Santa needs your help. The Christmas season is about giving, as the Three Wise Men gave gifts to Baby Jesus. I ask that you find it in your heart to donate at least one gift to one child…or more children if you are able…this Christmas holiday.

Salvation Army Red Kettle Online Donations

I’ve joined the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Online Program. Follow the “DONATE NOW” link below if you’d like to donate to the Salvation Army to help them provide Christmas gifts to kids and food for their Christmas dinner. You have the option to choose my community or your own community to receive your donation. My goal is to raise at least $200 by December 24.

DONATE NOW – Please help the Salvation Army help Santa!

Personal fundraising widget for 2010 Red Kettle campaign

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2 thoughts on “How to Help Families in Need | Santa Needs Your Help

  1. Amanda Casillas
  2. Tiffanie Jenkins

    This year have been a great struggle my son and I. I worked 2 jobs and was a full time student to support my small family. December 15, I became unemployed and was told i couldn’t receive unemployment benefits. Painfully said, I am 22 year old young mom who is tired of breaking a sweat to become more and more stressed. I have entirely no family in Texas and hope one to see light in this cloudy world of mine. Hear me with your hearts, All i ask is 1 gift so i don’t feel less of a parent as I have for 2 years now. Please READ. PRAY for us. Thank you.

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