How to Help Familes in Need: Give the Gift of Fruit

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Recent news reported the dramatic rise in food insecurity in the U.S. over the last year (up from 36 million to 49 million people!) and the increase in Americans applying for food stamps. dft

Fortunately, the news is also reporting increases in volunteerism and philanthropy on an individual level.

I want to share this information that enables those looking for ways to help families in need this holiday season. If you enjoy giving fruit baskets to friends and family both near and far, here is a way do so while also giving the gift of fruit to low income families.

Naumes Fruit Gifts will provide five pounds of fresh fruit to a food bank for every holiday gift purchased. It’s part of the Naumes Family’s long-standing involvement in resolving the hunger problem, through which the family has donated more than 10 million pounds of fresh fruit to Feeding America over the last seven years.

By ordering a gift for yourself or someone on your holiday list, not only can delicious pears or other favorites be enjoyed as part of the holiday meal, the problem of hunger in America can be helped by having a donation made on your or their behalf to a local food bank. It’s a classic win/win/win situation!

If you want to find out more about Naumes fruit gifts or order fruit gifts that will be enjoyed by many, visit the Naumes website at

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2 thoughts on “How to Help Familes in Need: Give the Gift of Fruit

  1. Anonymous

    need help to get 10 year old boy christmas due to losing my job just renstly

  2. bessie

    i was looking for help to get my 10 year old something nfor chrirstmas

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